Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by theone2029, Jan 21, 2009.

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  1. I was just wondering but is there much chance to do sports during basic training or even during phase 2?
    Im just wondering as I like playing rugby and would love to play some rugby in the navy.

  2. You'll be doing plenty of PT during your phase one training that's for sure. Not too sure if you'll get that much time to do any extra specific sports during that phase. During phase 2 you should get more opportunity and more free time to do your own sports.

    Although saying that a guy I joined up with was that good at golf that during phase one he went and played golf for the RN. Gen Dit all clips on.
  3. What a pity you're Welsh as the Army/Navy match seems to be decided on which team has more Fijians these days. Perhaps there's still hope if you're related to someone like Gareth Edwards, Phil Bennett, Barry John or JPR. You don't happen to play for Cardiff or Llannelli, do you?
  4. Lol unfortunatly I dont play for either of them. I dont play professional just some weekend rugby you know. Plenty of good welsh rugby players in my are tho :D
    But if I was to play pro it would be for the ospreys
  5. Mate, it's highly unlikely that you'll get much free time to do anything during your phase I training. The schedule is tight for a reason and you'll want to spend most of any free time getting your kit up to scratch and preparing for the following day's programme. When you've done all that you'll probably need to get as much kip as possible.

    Your phase II training is where you'll have more opportunities for sport, and once you join your ship you'll be able to join the ship's team.
  6. Thanks for the insight guys much appreciated
  7. What about going to see the RN rugby team playing at the Army v Navy match?
  8. I went to the Army v Navy rugby match once..........didn't see much rugby but it was one hell of a p*** up. :D

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