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Whats your cuppa tea?

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Deleted 7

It is that time of year, men are glued to the nearest pub with a T.V. and the occasional woman too (me).

OK, so I will admit that I first got into Rugby for the legs, perving rights as a woman! But I love it, I'm more into Rugby Union than League.

Football is for poofs, Rugby is a real mans game :twisted:

I'll regret that comment soon huh?
Have you played messdeck 5 a side? the last we played i ended up goin back onboard with bloody nosed skinned knees/ elbows! and that happened at the beginning of the game and we all carried on laughing and joking (mainly at my expense).

fair one though, most highly paid footballers nowadays are bloody fannies who care more about their hair than the game.
Played MessDeck hockey whilst along side in Tromso. It was a laugh, played on the jetty and some one always ended up in the ogin!

Good job the divers were working on the props huh :wink:
Deck hockey (now banned under H&S I believe) was always a favourite. Take no prisoners !
Deck volleyball, with the ball tied to the middle of the net to stop it going overboard.
Seen quite a few people almost end up in t'oggin during both.

Being Scottish, I've got to say Rugby Union is favourite, especially after the England match.
(Actually, it's always been my favourit, played it for years & now watch it after getting to slow to stay out of the way of 16 stone props)
Good ol' murder ball. Now there's a matelot's game. One medicine ball, two chairs and a bunch of neanderthals out to kill anyone or anything to get the ball at the other end of the playing area. Only one rule, anything goes! They stopped us playing it because so many of the crew were getting hurt that spare crew couldn't keep up with it.

Those were the days. Senior rats against the bunhouse, jeez it was like Agincourt. Bodies everywhere and more claret than you could shake a hairy stick at. The last game of murder ball I played in i broke my wrist afte three minutes and the two guys with broken leg and ankle respectively got injured earlier in the game! The skipper banned it.
Can't beat dodgeball!!! Now banned in schools my wee bro tells me. Gutted! We ended up playing it at collingwood, with volleyballs... those blighters sting just a little bit!

and before anyone says it i know the aim is to get out of the way of the ball!

the jocks liked it too cos it gave them an excuse to pummel the fat kid and get away with it!

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