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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Soothsayer, Jun 3, 2010.

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  1. I am still waiting to join but i have been scouting the sports available to the navy and i can't seem to find an answere to my noob question.

    I am interested in joining either the sailing or surfing club, but when it comes to going on expeds with either club, will i have to do the expeds on my holiday time or harmony time. I've heard of army doing skiing in harmony time so this is why i am wondering.

    And if anyone has any up to date info on surfing for navy, thier website doesn't seem to up to date and doesn't have alot of info, for instance - where are they based and where do they surf most of the year.

    Thank you
  2. As far as I'm aware the RN Surfing club is based at Culdrose in Cornwall.

    Here's their website
  3. Soothsayer

    The RN/RM Surfing Association's up to date stuff is all on FaceBook. If you have a FaceBook account, log in and type Surf Navy into the search box at the top.

    If, for some reason you can't do this, I'll PM you an e-mail contact for them.
  4. As with most sports in the RN, if your representing the RN then *most* times you will be able to get time off to attend. Of course this is, as always, dependant on the needs of the service
  5. You get an extra week's leave every year for AT stuff. I used this to great effect during my time by getting trolleyed in the French Alps every January under the pretext of Snowboarding.

    There is also something called Ex Bavarian Surprise which I hear is the bollox for getting smashed and trapping German birds, you can use your AT leave for this too.
  6. Bollox! It is 2SLs wish that everyone in the Naval service has AT LEAST one weeks AT a year. This is because, direct from BR4024, "AT develops through challenging pursuits and within an outdoor enviroment, leadership and the necessary qualities to enhance the performance of naval personnel in times of peace and war."

    Therefore, if you can be spared then all personnel are encouraged to partake in AT. Your are considered to be on duty when on or travelling to authorised AT activities so there is no requirement for you to take leave.

    Bavarian Surprise is the bollox. I recommend it to everyone who is able to go.
  7. Sorry, I didn't make myself clear.

    You get an extra week off for doing AT. You still have to apply for it on JPA and categorise it as AT leave, otherwise every fcuker would just wonder out the gate saying they are going on an exped. So in essence, yes you get an extra week's leave to do AT. You can't just take 3 months off to go canoeing because 2SL said so.
  8. I got 4 days in San Franciso "Kayaking" whilst on detachment in China Lake , California. We drove upto Frisco on the Thursday, pi**ed up till Sunday morning, spend 4 hours in a kayak paddling round Alcatraz and the Golden gate bridge before the long drive back Sunday night. Even staying in the Holiday Inn on Fishermans Whalf (all paid for by the pusser).

    Cracking weekend, even had a few beers with "Steve" the big security bloke from Jerry Springer.

    Beat walking round Yosemite national park!!! or up and down the Grand Canyon (Which were the other choices)

    God, I miss those days.
  9. No, you made yourself perfectly clear, and you're wrong. There is no such thing as 'AT leave' on JPA. I spent 3 weeks on exped last year, nothing about that went through JPA. Of course you can't just walk out the gate saying 'I'm going on exped' anymore than you can just walk out the gate saying 'I'm going firefighting' and go home. AT has to be authorised by Commanding Officers and line managers. There is a clearly laid down routine required to be adhered to before individuals can partake in AT.
  10. Clearly things have changed recently then. Every year that I went to the RN ski champs, I had to take a week AT leave and a week from my own leave allowance. This wasn't a particular DO or unit policy, it was the norm every time I went from every different unit I was drafted to at the time.

    Oh and from an RN job advertisement:

  11. Hmm, you should really stop telling us things like this. Makes me more imaptient to get started :D

    I cannot wait, this is one of the main reasons I joined up for :)

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