Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by ellebee, Feb 28, 2010.

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  1. For the past few years I've been trampolining and made my national competition debut last year.

    I've had a look around for information but I can only find info about 'popular' sports such as netball, hockey, football etc. and I'm wondering what provision there is for competing in individual sports that perhaps the Navy only has one or two competitors in?
  2. I had a look at the website info before, it just seems that most of the sports, even more unusual stuff like snowboarding are mentioned and trampolining isn't. Hoping that when I get through Raleigh and to Phase Two I'll learn a bit more and hopefully the opportunity will be there for me to continue competing in my sport. I would love to represent the Navy, as I'm sure most people would, so really do hope Trampolining is available!

    Thank you for the information though!
  3. That guy looks very familiar... ;)
  4. ellebee

    Someone at the Royal Naval School of Physical Training (RNSPT) at HMS Temeraire might know about this; Tel: 02392 725697.
  5. on an unrelated note

    was just wondering if you cand do thai boxing in the navy...cant find any information

    *prepares to look like a fool*
  6. This is an old thread obviously but I was just a'wondering- I play netball but not at a regional level or anything, are there chances to continue playing if I ever make it into the fleet? Just recreationally or at a lower level, I know only the awesome people get time off etc to travel to play, but a cheeky training session would be good. Obviously it's not a dealbreaker for me but would be good to know!
  7. Most stations / ships have teams and if they don't, you can start one pretty easily for brownie points.
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  8. I've been looking into the same thing, I play badminton and netball, It's good to know that there are opportunities to play in the Navy.
  9. This may answer your question...Netball
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  10. Thank you both very much :)!
  11. The mantra is, Time FOR sport, not time off.

    There is all sorts of sport for all levels of players in the RN.
  12. I used to play Badmington regularly when I was in so yes you can play. Most establishments had courts (or at least they did) and had thriving clubs so you could play evenings or sports make & mends in a league or as a knock about ... there was always someone looking for a game.
  13. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    In the CO's Office, usually! (I'll get me coat...) :oops:
  14. Is there a particular day in the week during basic training at Raleigh where everybody plays sports? I went for a civvy tour around BRNC once and the guide spoke as if this was so; I saw people playing football and a minority being taught fencing in the lobby by Grandpa Potts.
  15. Wednesday afternoon for Phase 2 trainees, you'll be doing too much during the week so not for Phase 1.

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