Sport in the Navy


Hi all,

Was just wondering if anyone had any information on sport in the Navy?I would have thought it would have been mentioned/asked by now as I'm well into the application process,is there a point where I should bring it up with the AFCO?

I consider myself to be a decent cricketer,represented school,club,district,league teams all to a relatively high standard...but I'm sure I've read somewhere that not to bother unless you were on the professional club's books at some point growing up?


B Tango

Hi bud I'm well into the selection process my self, & I would highly consider taking up one or two sports once in the Naval service, it will provide great opportunities in both aspects of meeting new people as well as mixing. In addition I'm sure I read up you can gain qualifications... So all in all, it's a win win situation, I sure have a couple of sports on the list I would like to tick off


I'm also taking up Snowboarding fairly soon (Christmas Present),so the two week adventurous training would accomodate that brilliantly.