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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by jonny700, Oct 13, 2013.

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  1. Just a question on how soon I will be able to continue sports which I do in civvie street.
    I box and want to box in the Navy also. When will I be able to continue boxing once in service?

    The reason I ask is because some of my friends who are in the Army say that I can't do any sports till I finish all my training, which for me is quite a while due to the trade I'm doing. Is it the same in the Navy?


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  2. Soon as you're out of basic. A number of us started RN boxing training during phase 3. If your time management is squared away you'll be fine and punching dreamers and space cadets in the face in no time.
  3. When you say finish basic, do you mean the 10 weeks at Raleigh? Or phase 2 as well?

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  4. Phase 2 as well. Although occasionally the opportunity comes up for Phase 2's to participate in representative sport for their establishment.

    As for what your friends in the army say, ignore them. They're just jealous that you entered God's own military service.
  5. Looks like I won't be boxing for 8 months or so :( lol can you join any local clubs or not - may he a stupid question.

    Thanks for the feedback too.

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  6. Yes, but you won't have time to attend until.... Guess when.
  7. Until I have finished training, gonna be rusty after months out the sport! Will be worth it though

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  8. I thought Sport was encouraged and every wednesday had a period dedicated too it?

    Obviously not. Here's hoping I find time to get the push iron out at Sultan every once in a while
  9. It is and it does but as a Phase 2 you will be under the PTI's and whatever they've got lined up for you. You can do what you like in your spare time, not that you'll have any.

    I did have some Phase 2's that boxed for Raleigh during their time there. It depends on your workload and if you're good enough.
  10. It is. However there are more important things for you to be doing during your initial training than a focused hobby like, you know, train for the job you're getting a wage for.

    It's not ****ing Butlins.
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  11. You'll be pushing irons a lot.
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  12. Phase 2 will fly by, and you'll be doing your sports or lifting in no time.

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  13. During phase 1 and 2, you'll be getting beasted to **** in the gym every couple of days anyway. No matter how much of a phizz bosun you think you are now, your physical fitness will improve over the course of Raleigh and beyond.

    Once you get back into the swing of your chosen sport, you'll be better at it because of your improved fitness.
  14. So why did Nigerian 100m record holder Olusoji Fasuba run over a second slower after going to HMS Raleigh? :)

    For the real sport fanatics it can seem a very long time away from their sport and to an outsider it seems like Raleigh can only improve performance, however the training at Raleigh doesn't always help certain sports; for example cycling. However to be fair for 99.9% Raleigh will improve fitness and performance in their own sport, though at the end of the day the Navy is paying you (on the other hand in any other job you do have time for your own hobby during training).

    Fasuba times:

    Athlete Profile
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  15. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    You also need your CO's permission to represent a civvy club strictly speaking. In case you get injured.
  16. I can understand what you're saying 2cool and to me having 8 months or so out the sport does seem a long time but it's not like we won't be doing exercise and like someone previously stated, we have to train for the job we signed up for! Haha I'm going in as a AET and my professional training is 6 month so after that I shall be able to pick up my hobbies again. Although I think someone on here said that some phase 2's get to do their hobbies/sports! Roll on my start date.

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  17. For example how does cycling improve your performance carrying an injured oppo out of a burning compartment.

    Horses for courses etc.
  18. I was going to say if you want loads of time off for sport join the RAF, but I seen you've chosen the next closest thing by being a WAFU :tongue3:
  19. Hahaha no I was just curious as to when I would be able to resume my sports,

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  20. Become a Stores Accountant; they have loads of box....... oh, wait

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