Spooky coincidence

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Jack_McHammocklashing, Aug 26, 2007.

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  1. I originate from Sunderland, joined the RN many many years ago and on discharge, for my sins I live in Scotland and work in HMRC Dundee out of six hundred staff I am one of ten English people
    My father was ex RN and long passed away
    Well that is the background over

    A new guy ie my childrens age. transfered up from Sunderland, and they put him in my group, as we spoke the same language, canny lad like, but I was in trepadition as not every Makem would you like to live next door to let alone work with

    Well it turned out, that the lad lived but three streets away from where I was born and brought up, but I did not know of him

    A year later(last month) he had time off as his grandfather died,
    He came back and informed me his Grandad had been in the Navy, and had his photo album to keep, he was sunk on D Day on the Lawford

    Bugger me so was MY Dad, he spent the night in a carley float with four other guys so did MY Dad, then he brings the photos into work and THERE is MY Dad, stood for a comms photo with HIS comms Grandad on the flag deck, and many other photos, that I too have in an album

    Small world and very spooky, I really can not belive it but I see it with my own eyes
    Just what are the odds on that, I think I will start doing the lottery
  2. Thought you were gonna say that his Grandad was your Dad - now THAT would be spooky!!!!!
  3. "It's a small world...but I wouldn't want to paint it." Steven Wright.
  4. Before I joined up in 63, my bezzie oppo and I were inseperable, more like brothers than mates. Come the day that I went off to St.Vincent, we pledged to keep in touch, but apart from seeing each other when I was home on leave, we never did.
    In 1970 (ish) I was coming out of a bar in Sembawang, and as I pushed the batwing doors open I smacked this bloke straight in the face with the doors. Guess who?? Yup, my oppo from all those years ago! Unbeknown to me, he had joined up himself, and was on a skimmer in Singers. It was quite a reunion!

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