Spoof or what?

Is this a spoof?

  • Course it is mate!

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  • It is dead serious mate!

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Always_a_Civvy said:
This whole Rapture thing in the US baffles me... what does Rapture have to do with the central Christian message?

On the barbicue front, it's a good thing lots of gays like barbicues: Hell sounds like a great party! My way of dealing with the fundis at work is to mention how I like real fires, barbis and all that nakedness will just add to the fun! They just cannot handle it - they expect me to be quaking in my shoes. Of course the worst thing is to tell them that you look forward to seeing them at the party! Then they're deeply offended! Tough!

Stick it to em AAC - Damn I forgot to mention You shocking Bergs in the chat room tonight.

By the way when are you going to get your pc sorted and retrun to the chat room?