Spoof or what?

Is this a spoof?

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Bergen said:
Always_a_Civvy said:
Bergen said:
The responsibility for the canyon lies with the US National Parks Service and the fundies have forced them to stop explaining the formation of the canyon in geological terms or referring to it's age. The fundies maintain that the canyon was formed during Noah's flood and is no more ancient than 4500 years old. Again this would be pretty laughable but they have now forced the NPS to offer this as an alternate explanation.

Hope that this broadens the context of Alway's original post and helps to explain why Lil's is an ideal place to begin these threads.


I didn't know that Bergen - I'm shocked! :shock: Could you post more details... a link perhaps that I can pass on at work?


You could have done the decent thing and PM'd me on this. If word gets around that I've shocked you then my life won't be worth living in the chat-room :oops: Especially if Nutty_Bag finds out. :oops: :oops:

:lol: :lol: :lol:



You could have done the decent thing and PM'd me on this. If word gets around that I've shocked you then my life won't be worth living in the chat-room :oops: Especially if Nutty_Bag finds out. :oops: :oops:


:lol: :lol: :lol:[/quote]

it got mentioned, but nutty_bags was'nt in , I'm sure it will come up again
Always_a_Civvy said:
slim said:
Steve having examined the video again I am even more convinced that the singer bats for the same side as yourself. What do you think?

I've encountered a great deal of this sort of stuff over the years and I must admit that having viewed it and explored the website I felt it was a spoof - however there are blokes out there who claim they are ex-gay and that prayer and other methods cured them. Many gays seem to think that the message from this site is so "direct" that it must be a spoof, others are not so sure, hence my reason for posting it here. What would sane, straight, down-to-earth matelots make of it: the Matelot Test of Black Catting. The singer is clearly gay: is he being ironic or slef-deprecating. The website can be viewed both ways. It could be a spoof or it might be real. I came across one site that I thought was a fundi site four years ago and it turned out to be spoof site run by Christians who wanted to highlight hypocrisy amongst fellow Christians. Their argument about should Christian dads raising their children on Bible values have the right, as a matter of conscience, to kill their erring sons or was hitting them more reasonable? It turns out they must kill a son should he curse dad...

'I want to go to the disco tonight dad?'

'Well you can't, you've got to read your Bible instead.'

'Damn you dad!'

'Right son, I've got to stone you to death.'

'That's illegal dad!'

'My conscience comes before the rule of law and the Bible says I must kill you, so I must obey God's law son!'

Should these people be allowed to have children? It was a very good question and one very relevant today!

Lets just hope that no one starts telling these guy that they get lots of virgins in heaven if they go out and kill non believers.


War Hero
Hang on there people - this is a British site isn't it? So shouldn't we be taking the word 'Fag' in it's English context - all the gay guy is saying is that the Good Lord does not smoke fags or cigarettes, which is after all in line with the policy that the great leader Mr B.Liar is bringing out - that cigarettes are bad for you (the only reason he ain't banned them direct is the fact that GimmeGimme may not get her cut from the taxes that that nice Brown Scotsperson will be making from them [ and you can read brown anyway you want])

SO in future people don't smoke in church!!

pretty obvious really
chieftiff said:
Nah! I don't get it! Why would some fat, middle aged bloke dress up like a sterotypical queer, (no disrespect to those who are, I use the term to press my point: what's with that tache? he looks like a '70's bootneck!) and preach hatred in the name of God, someone is either very very confused, thick as f*ck! or having a laugh.

Very confused and thick, not having a laugh. This is genuine, you only have to follow up some of their other site references to see that.

They have a huge list of 'dangerous' bands, including all the obvious ones who promote homosexuality. The Grateful Dead have AIDS after their name, as if that is proof. The short list of 'safe' bands are 'Christian' bands like themselves.

It is not an uncommon church attitude in UK either, amongst some fundamentalist groups who preach the same mesage. i.e. homosexuality is a choice, not a condition.

It looks to me that the singer is gay, and fighting it. Nothing worse than a fag smoker who has given up, and criticises smokers.

Nothing worse than a fag who has given up, and criticises faggery.

The US Bible Belt is not far removed from Naziism.
higthepig said:
Where does it mention smoking in the Bible? And didn`t some geezer manage to change water into wine? Wish i could do that trick.

Well it doesn't specifically mention possession of pyrogenic devices, Rizlas and tobacco with the intent of igniting for self-injurous pleasure, but...

As for turning water into wine, all you need to do is find a way to reverse the Krebs cycle so that by reverse urination you regurgitate wine rather than drinking and excreting it! :lol:

What would be more interesting is if you could reverse the aging process so you grew younger, slimmer, shorter, reperambulated and popped back into the womb for comfort...

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