Spoof or what?

Is this a spoof?

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Always, do you realy care what some poor sceptic who has been brought up in the bible belt to be a dyed in the wool fundamentalist sings about. Looking/listening at/to him, given half a chance he would probably batting for the other side anyway


The tune I've heard somewhere else before but I can't put my thumb on it, which makes me think that it's a spoof.

Why are christian websites banning it? It's what most believe although I think most of them should reread the bible...


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Just watched the video and it must be a spoof. As a professional poof spotter I am 90% certain that the guy singing is a fag.
If he isn't the my dicks a Bloater.

(fish for tea?)


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Steve, I've got to agree with F169 here. What is the relevence of this to a Navy forum? If it was part of a wider discussion about hatters or god botherers in the mob then I could see the point of the post, but it's not.
From many of your previous posts it's clear that you are pretty much a switched-on cookie so it would be reasonable to assume that you subscribe to other fora, especially gay and possibly Christian ones. You seem to have a bit of a bee in your bonnet (chip on your shoulder?) over this issue and IMHO those are probably the better sites for you to post your airings on this subject.
I don't think many matelotes give a fcuk one way or the other, though subsequent posts may prove me wrong.


Sorry to disagree with you Jimmy And F1, but this post is in Lil's, and just looking the threads listed in lil's, quite a lot have nothing to do with the mob or RR, so the relevance of this thread to RR is neither here or there, and I dare say you have both posted to threads that fall under the catagory for F all to do with the mob.

Although I could boint out that it is no longer against QRRN's to bat for the other side, so in that case it does have a modicum o relevance.


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I will buy you a wet when you come over to Spain.No pun intended!!!
Looking forward to the meet.
By the way an old adage "Don't knock it until you've tried it" comes to mind.
We are what we are,just cherish what we have


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I agree with Mikh, on diamond lills we discuss everything. The rules are lax and comments can be made here which on other parts of the site would be deleted.


'Fraid to say that this isn't a spoof and is pretty typical of various christian fundamentalist groups in the USA. It's not just homosexuality but also the teaching of Darwinian evolution and much of accepted science that is under attack in a lot of the US bible belt. The fundies are constantly trying to replace Darwin's Theories with their own brand of Genesis.

This would be pretty funny in the UK but these groups have a lot of power in the USA. Here's a current good example; the Grand Canyon is 227 miles long, over a mile deep and varies in width from 4 to 18 miles. The rock strata in the bottom of the canyon are scientifically dated to be 2000 million years old.

Pretty big and pretty old.

The responsibility for the canyon lies with the US National Parks Service and the fundies have forced them to stop explaining the formation of the canyon in geological terms or referring to it's age. The fundies maintain that the canyon was formed during Noah's flood and is no more ancient than 4500 years old. Again this would be pretty laughable but they have now forced the NPS to offer this as an alternate explanation.

Hope that this broadens the context of Alway's original post and helps to explain why Lil's is an ideal place to begin these threads.