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Spoof (a hot topic)


please can i have some help settling an argument,

in my eyes spoof is a game play with no emotion? this is the old school rules, please someone prove me different!



War Hero
I would tender the argument that spoof has its origins in the emotional gamet of games but was adapted over time with its currently non-emotional version seen as the ascendant variety.

I have played a 'peverse' version of the game on a run ashore in Aviemore, Scotland which involved the winner of each round having to black cat the previous celebration on winning or be judged V Poor and broguth back into the game. Unfortunately, the game never came to a conclusion as with 4 left in the winner of said round wowed us all with his 'naked caterpillar' street dance move on an empty dance floor much to the hotel manager's disapproval.

My hypothesis is that spoof evolved to become de facto non-emotional, certainly as played by the humble bootneck, due to just such moments being unappreciated by those without a love of nakedness.

Reclaim spoof and return it to its glory - I'm going low and my right hand has undone my belt buckle and flies in preparation - "3"
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5 players now..... I predict two things, one, it aint current affairs and the call is now 7.

Editted for being gash at counting...............=-)
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I had to look this up!

Interesting piece, cheers JJ. I first learnt to play as a 7 year old when my dad would have my broher and me in tow during post hockey game drinking and tapas sessions in Gib, they used to call it "pish up".


Lantern Swinger
Right then, as far as i can see there are six players in so far (now that Blobs has finally made up his mind) - actually had to get a piece of paper and write the entries out - feck knows how you counted 9 players Lukep despite your very good call?

7 players in now

i call 6


War Hero
Interesting piece, cheers JJ. I first learnt to play as a 7 year old when my dad would have my broher and me in tow during post hockey game drinking and tapas sessions in Gib, they used to call it "pish up".

Some of the most fearsome and dangerous spoof sessions I ever took part in were in Gib.
Sat outside the Donkey's Flip Flop
one early DTS session resulted in 2 of our lads in cells before 13:00...I've never been able to drink a sherry and baileys with creme de menthe cocktail since....


War Hero
Book Reviewer
Non emotional spoof is relatively new, I think, certainly to me, I never saw it played like that in Gib in the eighties. I've still only seen it played that way if declared to be "non emotional".


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Never played it as non-emotional. Worst spoof I was involved in was in Tromso when no Noggy's turned up to SR's cock & arse (they were on leave!!) so spoofed for barrels instead.

Can't remember how many are in so I'll call 5


Many a lost afternoon at Rookes SR Mess spoofing. I seem to remember it getting more emotional as the day wore on. Anyone there in the 90's will probably remember the local who was the main cause. Playing in Spanish as the afternoon became evening added to the fun, I call ocho.
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