Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by onlinebacon, May 10, 2009.

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  1. Right, I've got a conditional place at Reading Uni starting this September, and I was hoping to get sponsorship to become aircrew during this time. I'm going to sort out my application after my exams have finished mid June.

    I'm *hopefully* getting BBB in Physics, Maths and Electronics and I've already got a B at AS Geography, so academically I'm way above the 180 UCAS points needed, got 11 A*-C GCSEs so that shouldn't be a problem either.

    I'm a Peer Assisted Learner (basically a tutor) at college for physics, which would look pretty good on my application but apart from that I don't really have much I can say I do in way of leadership activites. Any idea what I can do to strengthen my application? I heard that the Navy offer leadership weekends (?) but I'm not 100% sure, I was thinking of becoming a Special Constable in the Police but I'm not 18 until mid July so I don't think that would help much.

    Any ideas?

    Cheers, James.
  2. My first thought is that you should already be in touch with your local AFCO if you are hoping for University sponsorship. Have you been in to see them?
  3. Yeah I've had a brief from them, was like a 3 hour presentation on what the Navy do, training and all that jazz, the officer that gave me the presentation gave me the forms, but I decided to hang fire until my exams were done as they were more of a pressing issue :)

    I think I did the right thing, she said we'd have to structure the application around my exams anyways and I wouldn't be doing anything until after them.
  4. Special constable is a good idea, but if youre going to go to uni and then start your application, Id suggest joining the URNU. It will give you life and leadership experience galore.
  5. Yeah I was thinking of joining the URNU once I got there, looks pretty cool! And there's flying camps and stuff which would be good.

    I think I can apply for sponsorship once I get to Uni, that would probably be a safer bet because I'd have more experience but I'm not 100% sure.
  6. To be eligiable for any sponsorship scheme, you will need to undergo the initial parts of the selection ie RT test, Medical, PJFT and an initial selection interview with an officer selector.

    Therefore, it would make sense that you do these thing prior to heading off for uni.

    If you want to fly, especially fast jets, then you need to be into the RN ASAP. Normally most pilots will do there degree course whilst doing there flying training in the RN. Having recetly spoken with my officer selector, I'm not sure the RN are currently offering Uni sponsorship for Aircrew Officers.

    You need to ring your local AFCO and talk with your officer selector ASAP to get the whole picture on what is avaiable and for them to be able to brief you on the best way forward with your application.

    Best of luck


  7. In my experience SuperM, normally "most" pilots go to University, get their degree, apply to the RN, do their AIB, get selected, go off to BRNC, then start their flying training etc. Its better, if you can, to do things in series rather than in parallel.
  8. I thought if you got the sponsorship you are normally expected to join the URNU during your studies and do a few things with the Navy during the half terms? I didn't know they did flying training during Uni... or maybe I'm mistaken?
  9. Cheers soleil :)

    Yeah I've seen that, looked amazing! The only downside is the degree isn't really transferrable for civvy street if something does go wrong, and I get hurt or whatever. Looks like an amazing oppurtunity though!

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