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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by onions, Mar 30, 2007.

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  1. http://www.itvlocal.com/meridian/news/

    Meridian news carried an article about the last flying Sea Vixen being grounded at Bournemouth Museum of Aviation, unless sponsors can be found to keep her flying. The aircraft No is XP924, nose No 134 and carries the Flying Fist logo, which I think was 899 Squadron, and flew from Eagle.
    Anyone got a spare quarter of a million £s?

    Semper Strenuissima
  2. no wait i'll just check down me sofa
  3. sorry still no
  4. In 1961, President Abdul Karim Kassem of Iraq threatened to annex the neighbouring oil-rich state of Kuwait. Kuwait appealed for external help. The United Kingdom dispatched a number of ships, including two fleet carriers to the region. Sea Vixens aboard the fleet carriers flew patrols in the region. Kassem's aggressive actions soon wilted in the face of such overwhelming naval might, thus averting a Gulf War over Kuwait.
  5. Sea Vixen with the UK civil registration of G-CVIX flew at air shows in Red Bull livery until 2007, when it was repainted in 899 NAS colours. G-CVIX is operated by De Havilland Aviation Ltd and can be viewed as a flying exhibit at Bournemouth Aviation Museum at Bournemouth Airport in southern England. Many other Sea Vixens remain in good condition but do not fly.
  6. Quite right Handler - the reason that the recently repainted Sea Vixen is not currently flying is ( I think and having spoken at Yeovilton some three weeks ago with the only man qualified to fly it at present) because of the prohibitively high insurance cost. Shame because the new livery is excellent (even if I would have preferred 893 NAS colours!)

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