Sponsored Walk: The Devon RBL 150 14-20 November 2009

Discussion in 'Charity' started by Devon_County_150, Nov 8, 2009.

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  1. There will be a sponsored walk covering 150 miles around Devon, during
    14/11//09 to 20/11/09. The event is sanctioned by the Devon County Office of the Royal British Legion. All proceeds are intended for the Devon County Office of The Royal British Legion, shared with the Veterans' Hostel.

    Why? Devon is one of many areas affected by operations past and present. We hope to raise a goodly amount and bolster the presence of the RBL in Devon, working directly with those in need.

    Donations or pledges would be welcomed by the RBL Devon County Fundraiser, we'll also be collecting along the way.

    Enquiries and donations to:
    Devon County Fundraiser (Devon RBL 150)
    Devon County RBL, Exeter
    Email: [email protected]


    Many thanks for reading this.
  2. Re: Sponsored Walk: The Devon RBL 150


    PM sent and many thanks. Itinerary is available.
    Will be contacting all the route stops. Clubs in Dartmouth for November 14, then Torbay, Newton Abbott, Exeter, Okehampton, Bideford, all those places we'll be passing through.

    Looking forward to the long walk back on November 19 and November 20, along Dartmoor, the A386, to Crownhill Plymouth on the final leg.

    Page on Facebook
  3. Re: Sponsored Walk: The Devon RBL 150

    Admitting now to being stuck for email addy's, to Units in Guz and wider Devon. Confused Smile :? :? Have an Itinerary for those, too. If anyone one can help.... Please do. Facebook page is set up to receive SMS on status updates and messages. www.facebook.com/THEDEVONRBL150

    Back next week and best regards.
  4. Re: Sponsored Walk: The Devon RBL 150

    Thanks to Mysteron for the gadget, dropped off today, many thanks. :wink: The Devon County RBL are supporting this well, lots of encouragement even at this busy time, taking in all the donations from around Devon. Many thanks are also due to Alabare CCC, Salisbury. Alabare set up a web page for donations. Also thanks to StixJimboRM :lol:

    Also have support from Navy Net, and must thank the CO's again for letting us use these boards. We'll be collecting en route, through Plymouth, Dartmouth, Torbay, Newton Abbott, Exeter, Bideford, and down through Dartmoor to Plymouth Crownhill Royal British Legion Club, at 1800hrs, 20th November.

    The RBL Devon are taking collections to:
    County Fundraiser (The Devon RBL 150)
    RBL Devon County Office
    Aldens Business Court
    7A Chudleigh Road
    EX2 8TS

    Fundraiser email: [email protected] (ref RBL Devon 150 Walk)

    Updates at: Facebook Page
  5. Re: Sponsored Walk: The Devon RBL 150

    Message of thanks.

    Good evening. Donations are coming in to the donations page and
    The RBL Devon County Office (01392 273111) have notified all the Devon Clubs, of the itinerary for this effort. Enquiries are welcomed under reference The Devon Royal British Legion 150. Thank you for the response so far.

    Donations are being directed to The Devon County Fundraiser (The Devon RBL 150) in Exeter. Pledge envelopes are available , en route.


    Many thanks.

  6. Re: Sponsored Walk: The Devon RBL 150

    Out of interest, do you know are there any events like this held in Northern Ireland? I would like to take part if there were!

  7. Thanks for your message.

    Not sure mate, maybe have a crack and organise one yourself. Contact your local RBL Office, where-ever that is. PM if you need any help.

  8. I'll definately look into it! Thanks!
  9. Confident the Walk will come off well, had some good news today from Dartmouth, Exeter, Torbay and Newton Abbott. Looking good. The kit held up well in the hevy rain. The Volt 50 pack from Mountainlife is bone dry thanks to the rain cover. Good kit. The boots and socks are bone dry. Goretex boots and five day technical socks.. The dogs b*ll0cks . Binned the wind-up torch radio , winding me up Smile Keeping the two wind-up head torches, same thing, less weight and bulk.

    Chose the IHS/Camelback nsn 8465-99-842-7034, good piece of kit. Maybe fill it up with Viper drinks, they're on offer in Guzz. Splitting the Viper Energy and recovery powder down into bags for mixing, a lot cheaper and lighter to carry. Volt 50 rucksack with Mummy Bag on top. Mandatory parachord and bungees bought. Volt 50 Ruksack is getting weightier but has the right essential kit, no more no less. Wondering about the best gloves to take. Otherwise, MP3 player loaded up and charges off a PC (some helpful office may oblige). Decided the Parallell jacket is essential, it's really waterproof and it is what it says on the tin. Got some ex-MOD vests and two wicking baselayers, £14.00 , Goulds in Guzz. Picked a Norgie shirt and decent hat/muffs.PDA will not cut it on this walk, battery life issues, so it's got to be a cheap tough basic mobile. Two nights to go....

    Pledges please: http://rbldevon.co.uk/contact/
    Veterans Hostel Plymouth
  10. Good luck mate, just do it. :wink:
  11. So may I ask for ideas about "walking music" on MP3 and which grub would you eat on this walk? Any contributions are welcome.

    Two nights to go :lol:
  12. Good evening, one , and a lovely down in Devon, even some nice gusty winds early hours they say. Won't stop the Walk though. :wink:
    Everything is ready, kit packed, ready for the off.

    Wish me luck, :lol: 150 miles for the RBL . Updates on the FB page.
  13. VERY Best of Luck!

    (We will be minding the Grandbrats, aged 3 & 4, this weekend - Should have put up for Sponsorship for that Herculean Task :wink: )
  14. [marq=left]

    Thanks, always open to offers if anyone's reading
  15. Thanks Jimbo. I owe you a sponsorship so please contact me on your next fundraising effort. Tom and Helen were fantastic, so moving that I couldn't speak for a while. I'll never forget it.

    Thanks to the CO's Good and Bad, for their support and kind permission to post this walk for the RBL Devon, who along with the other counties perform excellent work.

    The RBL Exeter Branch were wonderful, and put me up for the night.

    The Walk is now over and the route has been completed ahead of schedule . Have to state that after 150 miles on foot, Berghaus Goretex boots and technical socks prevented any blisters. I s*** you not 8O No blisters, feet in excellent shape.

    Also can recommend the Volt 50 R/S from Mountainlife, no bad back or sores there either. The good old MOD Poncho, rubber lined, also worked a treat. Stick with the best, there is never any substitute.

    Checkpoints all verified by the RBL and all clubs visited. Had to come off the Moors last night due to bad weather, so made up for it by adding extra 14 miles today.

    If you think this 150 miles walk warrants notice, please donate to the RBL Devon County, tel 01392 273111 Or www.charitygiving.co.uk/paulharris

    Many thanks and we can stop boring you all now.



    Paul Harris

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