Sponsored reservist status?

Discussion in 'RFA' started by tree_doctor, Aug 2, 2015.

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  1. Hey, don't know if this has been discussed before, I wasn't able to find anything. I was wondering how exactly the whole RFA sponsored reservist thing works. Do personnel get activated often? Does onboard discipline and behaviour change when this happens? Presumably when it comes to anti-drugs and anti-piracy we aren't on a war footing so the RFA remained armed civil servants?
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  3. Activation of sponsored reservists does not require an act of Parliament, merely the action of the Secretary of State.

    It hasn't been done, and won't be done except in extremis, because it costs. There is an activation payout, though I forget whether there is any ongoing payment once activated.

    SR was introduced for the RFA because someone got their knickers in a twist over our exact status, depending on where and when and who with. It has made no practical difference to the RFA's status or the type of tasks we can conduct, or to the applicability of naval discipline.
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    Fixed, no charge. Stick to what you know Bleeh.
  5. Thanks for the concise answer! I had assumed in the past that there would have been activation during the Falklands and the Gulf. Does this mean that personnel killed in action, for example, at Bluff Cove, died as civil servants and therefore are not commemorated as armed forces personnel? Similarly, in WW2, before the existence of SR status, were the RFA simply registered as civilian seamen, and therefore existed as part of the MN?
    Sorry for all the questions, blame the MOD for not giving a decent definition!
  6. There's much demand on this forum on "tactics to barter Thai lady boy service charges".
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    RFA Officers and Ratings awarded operational honours -including posthumously - are Gazetted alongside the RN and RM. I seem to recall that the MN ( Captain North DSC in 1982 for example) did too.

    Sponsored Reserve is a recent thing for the RFA, circa 2005. Megalopteron will hopefully fill in the gaps.

    It's the RFA's 110th birthday today.
  8. The Sponsored Reserve concept wasn't introduced until the Reserve Forces Act 1996 and did not start to apply to the RFA until 2007.

    I believe that had it existed at the time of the Falklands and the Gulf wars, SR status would have been activated.

    RFA personnel were simply merchant seamen, but note the treatment of merchant seamen in the Geneva conventions and at least latterly the RFA meeting all the criteria for lawful combatants.
  9. Thanks for the information, I knew I could find an answer among all you knowledgeable people!
    Out of interest, does SR status apply to any other government body?
  10. Seadog

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    I don't know but some contractors are SR. They do the same job for HMAF in an operational environment as they do for them in peacetime. Some Serco contracts I think.
  11. The only other government employee SRs that I am aware of are some Met Office staff who contribute to a deployable unit.

    Amongst the other SRs are or were tank transporter drivers and the crews of the Foreland Shipping Strategic ROROs.
  12. The mobile meteorological unit are SR
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    Isn't that what Megalopteron just said?
  14. Good point well made. At least I added the name of the unit so it wasn't a totally bone post. I'm sure others disagree.
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    You praise for my efforts is humbling, Bluebird. I am not worthy.
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