Splitting up the Home Office


Lantern Swinger
Watched the Lord Chancellor, Lord Crony Falconer on the Andrew Marr show this morning, who thinks it's a good idea to split the HO into 2, of course giving himself control of the Law, Probation and Prison Services.

Well, it probably is a good idea, but as none of us has ever voted for you milord, I hope that you will never be given the job, even though your mate let you run our legal system because you used to share a flat


War Hero
So, will Reid loose half of his ministerial salary, isn't that what happens when you loose half of your responsibility, just like what happened to Prescott... oh bugger...
Ah, but each new department will need it's own lower level ministers, admin staff, political advisors etc etc.

I can't imagine many savings being made, and I doubt efficiency would increase.


Lantern Swinger
Think its just that Reid can't handle the job so he wants to get rid of half of it. Bit like saying I [email protected] handle this CVH, may I have an MCV insted.
A big problem with the home office is internal communication. Splitting it will make it even worse.


Lantern Swinger
AS one commentator said, (something along the lines of)
"instead of one department not fit for purpose, you'll just get two departments not fit for purpose"
I suspect the hope will be that the minister in charge of each bit of rump will only get shat on have as often as the old Home Sec did. Got to be an improvement on that basis then, all the cabinet will support it on the basis anyof them might get the poisoned chalice next.