Split Arses and Duck Runs

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by canteenflat, Dec 19, 2010.

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  1. I remember three badge fukc-alls talking about split arses and duck runs

    Do Split Arses have Duck Runs?
  2. Oooooooo - you'll have the PC police on you matey - in these PC days one isn't allowed to call them that any more! :oops:

    And the answer is yes - I know as I was married to one! :evil:
  3. Whereabouts is it then? Between where and where?
  4. Due north and uphill of Biffen's Bidge as I recall.
  5. Is that south of the Qattara Depression going east?
  6. Only with Oriental women whose geography is somewhat different to caucasian splits. :D
    Edited to add, this is known as Peking duck run.
  7. You can be trusted to post a letter then?
  8. Just BFPO otherwise I get confused 8O :wink:
  9. "A 3 badge AB is the only person on earth who can paint his house hallway walls thru the letter box!"
    I don't know what that means really!
  10. it's a bit like "Is the gunner here?"
    "No sir, but syphillis is"

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