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spitting blood.

Pongoshaggy, bless him, man down due to excess alcohol etc walked into one of the local pubs and some jumped up wankfest (I now know who it was) gave him sh1t for being in the army, serving in Iraq/Afgan etc, mocked him for getting blown up and generally gave him a hard time and made him very uncomfortable.

I regret that I was meeting him in another pub, if I'd of been there I'd of slapped out a couple of politically uncorrect haymakers. I'm still fcuking seething, might get in the shit later. Shaggy, who's leg is still hurting him gritted his teeth, drunk his pint and moved on. I admire that, something I couldn't do.


Disgracefull.... typical stupid behavior from this stupid little town....

fair play to PS for not bititng but why no-one in tervened disgusts me....has the idiot been taught the error of his ways??? if not pm me....lets see if we cant arrange a little tutorial for him..... :threaten:
Unforgivable! When did we all become so fcuking timid. I find it staggering that no one stood up for him. Tossers the lot of them!
rod-gearing said:
Maybe we ought to send the RR boys round to educate them. (And some of the girls as well)

Reminds me of a dit that I heard many years ago, don't know if it is true but it sounded good. In a port somewhere on the south coast an unfortunate matelot suffered grief from a local yob or two. Pusser not being happy at his property being abused arranged for the Fleet boxing champ to make impromtu lessons in good manners. Civvy Bill quickly realised what had happened and made inquiries only to be told that AB Smiff is on HMS **** which is currently on the far side of the planet, couldn't possibly be him. Civvy Bill satisfied.
Is there not somebody in HMF in that area who has similiar talents, does not have to be a boxer, a dan grade in Phuk Yu Tu will suffice.
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