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Bit of a weepie really!

Seaweed was there - watching from Perseus which had spectator stages rigged on her flight deck. This was the navy I was going to join. One of the other boys with me became a rear admiral.
My oppo sent me this last night. I watched Winston's funeral about six times. D'you reckon we could muster a full contingent for a State Funeral these days?
The 1947 review in the Clyde was worth a watch too.
Incidentally, I was under puns during the Coronation review. Detailed off, when off duty, to act as a guide, taking civvies round the fleet in a MTB.



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2badge_mango said:
PS. Don't tell Granny there's a picture of the Indefat. on there, he'll only cry! :(

Very nostalgic for me, thanks for showing it. I have a big BUT though. I was in the Med at the time on the Bermuda, almost all of the Fleet sailed for home to take part in the review, apart from Bermuda. We were in Limassol on the day and had a parade of our own on the seafront. It was tri-service but there weren't too many of us. Still we had a good piss up afterwards.

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