Spitfire Ladies


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Flew 76 types ferrying!!! ...6 or more types in a day from Tiger moth to Wellington to Hurricane , wildcat and Spitfire!! Etc...gets out of the Wellington on a solo flight and a car turns up, and she asks for a lift to the control tower. No Ma'am we are here to pick up the pilot!!!! She replies " I am the pilot". Lol


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There was a documentary about this recently. Sadly I can't rmember what side it was on, but it was very interesting.

If submarines had glass ceilings, we'd be able to see up the girlie's skirts when they walked over it (snigger)!


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If submarines had glass ceilings, we'd be able to see up the girlie's skirts when they walked over it (snigger)!
When in Liverpool we had a tally board below the hatch for open days, Red, white ,blue etc, and non. Navi s wife was in the non column :oops: :shock:
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