Spinning dits of daring do................


War Hero
I thought we had been blessed with this character being banned for a year, or am I confused and doomed to be disappointed?


War Hero
At least you have a chance she cannot hear your muttered comments, and if she does you at least may be able to leg it! I envy you, you at least have half a chance Sumo.
With my knackered knees legging it is a slow process, ho the joys of getting older with issues from a miss spent youth catching one up:(
11 April OP Banned for 12 months, reduced to 6 months same day, magically re-appears 19th April.

But Posters & Voyeurs alike will be delighted/amused/bewildered to learn that this thread has earned (by default/bribery?) one of RR's highest accolades by featuring as RR's "Top Topic of the Week (Unsafe)".

Same QC as Marine A? Shame that poor Finknottle, despite a son as serving RM Sergeant, never received the same leniency.

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