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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by scimitar123, Jul 31, 2008.

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  1. Just a query on spinal injuries for potential air crew applicants. Some years ago i cracked a thoracic vertebrae in my back which simple required me to wear a brace for 6 weeks (much like a plaster for a broken arm). As soon as it had healed i was back to life as normal, playing rugby, doing everything as before. The fracture was said to be stable, and there was no soft tissue damage (to the disc etc). Giving all of this information to the RAF at the careers office, the told me that due to the fact there was no soft tissue damage and no surgery was needed, they couldn't see a reason why I couldn't proceed with an application.

    I have since decided to fly navy instead (if they'll have me) but was curious if the policy would be the same. Does anyone know anyone who had similar problems in the past? I would not personally consider this a current spinal injury, much in the same way that I would not consider a broken arm when I was 7 a current arm injury.

    Many thanks

  2. Hi

    As long as you have no problems with it at the mo it's no different to any other fracture: if it's healed then it's healed. Shouldn't cause any probs.

    Good luck with your application!
  3. From what I have seen, having a spine is not a pre-requisite for commissioned aircrew :nemo:
  4. I Agree with Angrydoc, that it shouldn't be a problem. You will undergo a medical during your application and they will get the final say.

    Hope everything goes well for you

    Neil - Supermario

  5. May not bode well for you if you have to eject.
  6. Yea, I've been wondering for ages, so I decided the only real way to find out is just go for it. I'm aware of the ejection seat issue, but if theres no current injury I can't personally see there would be an issue. Though I suppose it depends. Is it possible to get Helo only if that were the case, for example.
  7. As far as I am aware, and current WAFOOS and AngryDoc may correct me, modern ejector seats are much better at smoothing out the acceleration of the body out of the aircraft than the earlier types, which frequently caused crush fractures of the spine. Good luck with your application. FLY NAVY/WALK ARMY/EAT CRAB.

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