Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Backpacker1uk, Aug 16, 2007.

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  1. You to can become a civilian Spetsnaz! JUST BRING LOADSA MONEY


    Black belt instructors from the Spetsnaz Green Berets and Spetsnaz Navy SEALS

    Spetsnaz Psychological training. Lie detection principles: skin temperature, color, moving, breathing, eyes, smile, speech analyzing, voice ton, pausing… Sounds like politician training!

    In association with RYAZAN.

    From your hotel window if you rent the cheap room you can watch the locals rummage through the garbage for dinner .


    Safe handling of weapons is a priority.




  2. Cracking post mate!!

    My favourite parts:

    Spetsnaz Special psychological methods of the influence on person’s conscience (YOU WILL BUY THE NEXT ROUND OF BEERS!!!)

    Extreme technique car driving. Practical lessons. Learn to ram through barricades, run attacking vehicles off the road, execute precision high-speed bootlegger turns and J-turns. (AND I WILL BE DESIGNATED DRIVER COMING HOME FROM THE PUB!!!)

    Spetsnaz Training with explosives. (WTF?!?!)

    Spetsnaz Training and execution of hostage and wounded personnel rescue. (GOOD CHOICE OF WORDING!!)

    Practice underwater hand-to-hand combat, tactics and weapons disarming. Study underwater intelligence gathering techniques. Shoot special underwater weapons (training on land). (AT LAST THE UNDERWATED KNIFE-FIGHTING COURSE WEVE ALL HEARD ABOUT. AND SPESHUL UNDERWATER WEAPONS TOO!!)

    I think Ive got a hardon!! :thumright:
  3. lolololol i havent laughed that much in ages, as a chad bootneck i love underwater knife fighting dits
  4. Definitely Loads a money

    Look at what you get for the One Day Soldier course

    The duration of program is 6-7 hours.
    After the training you will have Russian special force uniform, certificates, photos and a special tank driver's helmet as a present.

    This program is sold for a group of 5 people and more.
    A group of 5 people and more can have 10% discount each.

    Total cost: $999.00 per person ( for a group of 5 people )
  5. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    The Sub Lieutenants' Landfighting Course used to take five whole days - but then one did get taught how to duff someone with a pick handle and take someone's eyeball out with one's thumb.
  6. I think the ex wife must have been on that course??? Bless her!
  7. As a bite 45 in the 80s. Flame Thrower3 course acquaint, had the sprog running around with a fire extinquisher strapped to his back with bits of webbing Funny as feck.
  8. Is Spartan an instructor on the course?
  9. I understand he's a total flamer, mate. Flamming CNUT that is. :thumright:
    The twat with the AK has a novel method of handling weapons, he may well end up wearing the magazine between his gnashers if he doesn't get that butt into his shoulder, obviously top instructors there.
    Do they teach shovel fighting, that always put the shits up me seeing vids of Ivan coming at you with his sharpened entrenching tool, dirty barstewards. :dwarf:
  10. That's how they make extra money on dentistry programs with rifle practice like that!!
  11. do you get a free russian bride on the over night course? :thanks:

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