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Sperm Now Causes Cancer


War Hero
The Medical Research Council team found that the exceptionally high levels of prostaglandin fuelled tumour growth.

Another bloody excuse!!.....if this is the case, why are there not high levels of cervical and mouth cancer in Plymouth and Portsmouth???
higthepig said:
Looking at some of the children women give birth to to-day, i tend to agree Imom

Ditto , mate , country has gone tits up , savages every where , went up the local shop earlier on tonight , there must have been 20 of the fxxxxxxxrs outside , nearly turned around and went home , but thought shit no I wont give in to the tossers , lady in the shop feeling intimadated , this country has sank into the pits , language out of control , parents could'nt give a toss , I swear but only in context , sorry shipmates I've been up the workies , and we've sorted the world out again , true though the worlds gone mad , [Ama diinnerjacket in IRAN ] a case in point ,

Good night god bless , :roll: :roll:

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