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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by werqpr, Oct 13, 2008.

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  1. Hi All, just a quick question, i got a "fixed penalty fine" of £80 over a year ago no court or anything like that, just an on the spot fine will i ned to include this on the "spent unspent" paper?
  2. Fines issued by court are unspent convictions up until 5 years, fines issued by police officers will need to be detailed in the section asking for penalty points or fines
  3. "fines issued by police officers will need to be detailed in the section asking for penalty points or fines"

    where abouts on the form is this section? i cant seem to find it :(
  4. Jesus Fukcing Christ, I`ll be Seventy in November, thanks to you Fukcing idiots I don`t think I`ll make it.
  5. cor blimey 70??? you wanna stop using blasphemy me old mate not long till you meet St Pete!!
  6. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

  7. He would certainly be a more sensible peson than your self.

    Consider this, This is an UNOFFICIAL SITE, what part of that don`t you understand?


    Please tell me that you are not the norm that they are recruiting nowadays?
  8. sorry if i have upset you, i was only asking a question,
  9. Please see your PMs (envelope symbol top right hand side of screen in your User Info box)
  10. ..don't take it to heart Sunshine or you won't get very far in the Navy.. :thumright:
  11. Is it in addition to your arrest for football hooliganism?

    Please do us a favour and get a job on Shepherds Bush market.
  12. thanks for being such a great help Guzzler, if theres any thing you've done in the past that your not to proud of i hope there's someone sticking it down your throat. "do youself a favour and get a job on bush market"? nothing wrong with that, but personally i'd like to join the royal navy to serve my country, meet some good people, work hard and make a better life for myself, you should write a book if your so perfect!
  13. I have.
  14. what was the name of it then? come come tell tell you smart know it all ****
  15. Beowulf.
  16. Has Norm decided to re-enlist?

  17. Werqpr, don't mind Higgy, he just gets a bit grumpy around full moon.

    I'm sure an informed answer will be along shortly.

    Kind regards,
  18. Phone the AFCO. And if you cant take a bit of banter on her without getting upset then you should realy think whether you should join up mate.
  19. cheers for that mate i think i'll give them a bell now.
    on reflection your probably right a thicker skin wouldnt do any harm

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