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Lantern Swinger
am i right in thinking that if the offence'(s) againest you are "spent" then they cannot be held againest you, regardless of there nature??
hope that makes sence!!


War Hero
Unfortunately & categorically not.

The following spent or unspent offences are a bar to entry, ever:

hospital order;

offences involving loss of life;

sexual offences (including all those listed on the sex offenders register);


Any offence relating to Trafficking or Supply of drugs.

Any offence relating to the use of Class A drugs.

More than one conviction for "possession for personal use" of a Class B or C drug.

Three or more offences against persons, property, dishonesty or serious motoring offences.

Candidates with spent or unspent convictions for sexual offences, drugs related offences, violence or dishonesty, or those who have been subject to a custodial sentence or Hospital order are not eligible for entry into Medical, Dental or Nursing branch/specialisations.

Any custodial (or suspended) sentence over 30 months.


Lantern Swinger
thankyou for another detailed responce :thumright:
i was just sweating a wee bit because i was arrested when i was 17 (now24) for a section 5 public disorder offence(swearing and shoutihg) but the thing i was worried about was the fact that it was outside a football ground, so as a result i recived a three year football banning order but from what i can make out this is now "spent" or atleast i hope so!


War Hero
It sounds as though you're OK as long as all fines (if applicable) can be proven paid & any community service/punishment order (or whatever it's called today) is expired.

Either way all unspent AND spent convictions, including formal police cautions must be declared on your security questionnaire.

Good luck!


Lantern Swinger
thanks again, i understand the importance of putting down all unspent AND spent convictions, including formal police cautions that must be declared on my security questionnaire. so to make 100% sure of what,when,where and everything, i went down to my local police station and got myself a "accsess to information form" from the front desk filled it out, paid the £10 charge and sent it off to the "police natiomal computer" and when it comes back it will tell all, it takes upto 40 days so when its back i'll send that off and then crack on
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