Spent convictions.

hi there everyone,
Second post from myself. I know people have posted similar before but it just doesn't quite answer what I'm wanting to ask so sorry for these questions to keep popping up but asked in a different way every damn time lol!
I have my RT on the 15th of his month so I have had plenty of time to get all my paper work ready and get back into my fitness for later on. I am looking to join as a weapons engineer CIS as others who seen my last post will know :).
So here's he thing... When I was 14 I was interrupted watching tv by my 13 year old brother who was bleeding severely from what he told me was a load of 18 year old jump him behind he house. His head was cracked open it was a mess. So long story short, I went outside and beat the shit out of the few boys that stayed around to have another go. Unfortunately it ended with landing my self with a conviction of ( GBH without intent. Fine £1100 30hrs community service) as a suspended sentence. I was told that my conviction was spent within 6 months and I have never been in trouble since. The community service finished when I was 15.
That was five+ years a go and like I said I have never been in trouble since. because I was so young my mother had to pay it in installaments and I paid her back immediately. Do I sound like someone who isn't going to get passed the security checks.? I am being completely honest with my paper work telling my conviction. And I'm bringing in my DBS CRB as proof if nessasery

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