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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by watch_and_shoot, May 14, 2007.

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  1. Mornin all

    Its a while since Ive been on the site, mainly because of a few personal issues I had to take care of. Im glad to say however, that Im back in the world or RR and look forward to catching up with you all again soon.

    To those who have been in touch via email whilst Ive been away, THANK YOU!! You know who you are and Im proud to call you my friends.
    To those that don’t know me, I hope to get a chance to speak with you all at some point. It seems that the "gang" of Royal (Serving, Ex and Future) who normally highjack the chatroom has grown while Ive been away. Good news for all of us who want to earn a green lid, as your knowledge, experience and ability to take the complete piss out of anyone and any situation is always helpful and appreciated. :D



    ps: I put this into Lil's (before its dumped in the Gash Barge), as Im expecting a barrage of incoming abuse. Wouldnt be home without it!! 8O :lol:
  2. Welcome back oppo, seems we are both on the mend.
  3. Welcome back Spenny!
    'Knowledge, experience, ability?'
    Sorry were you are talking about Nutty Bag, HarryBosch, Wet-Blobby and NZB?? :) xx
  4. Listen ginge, you are so irretrievably broken to be beyond reasonable repair.
  5. Must have been all of those older grey haired women that did it to me Rosie

    :lol: :lol: :lol:
  6. Hello bud

    You can add myself to the list.
    (recently joined RMR)
  7. The usual suspects the first to respond as always eh!! :wink:

    NB - it must be an age thing mate. Broken more often than we are working!!

    Aussie - Just reading some of the posts by Harry, NZB and Blobs. PMSL and have twice sprayed coffee all over my PC. Magic!! :lol:

    Alright TW - nice to meet you mate.

  8. Well Royal, if you insist on shagging old crones instead of luscious young specimens then I cannot possibly comment.

    PS to the rest of you reading this I am not in the first category!
  9. As your fully aware woman, the NJP is 25, therefore a younger woman. But. Maybe i like the older woman Rosie!! Get your bits dyed and i'll be round later to er, get rid of those nasty mice. *cough*

    :lol: :lol:
  10. Spenny, yes I know what you mean. I did exactly the same thing on a run ashore with HB & WB. But it was lager not coffee!!! 8O
    I earnt my honorary green lid though, so I'm dead proud!!
    I'm sure it wasn't MY thong WB was running around with on his head though?? :p :twisted:

  11. Aaaaaahhhh. So you were introduced to the delights of NAKED BAR by the lads then? As long as they didnt get the roll mats out babe!! 8O 8O :lol:

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