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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Yorkie_S/M, Jan 22, 2007.

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  1. Having read all the topics in the submarine section, I have noticed how many mistakes are made (I am not perfect) The youngsters with their texting etc. make most. There has been many comments during threads on this. A while ago I read this poem and have added to it since hope that you like it.
    Hi have hay spell in cheque her, witch came with my pea see.
    Hit plane lea marques four my revue mist aches eye khan knot sea. As soon as aye miss steak is maid, hit nose bee four too long. Hand eye khan put the error rite, hits rare lea ever wrong.
    Hi strike hay quay hand right hay word hand weight four hit two say weather eye ham rite ore wrong. Hit shows me stait a weigh.
    Eye have run this poem threw hit. Hi ham shore u are pleased two no, hits let her perfect awl the weigh. My checker tolled me sew
  2. I've just put it down to the government spending, they told us, education, education, education,

    if the spelling and grammar on open forums are an example of where our hard earned tax pounds have gone,we might as well burn it!

    10 years of BB (not big brother) more and more stealth taxes, and no apparent improvement in most other fields either. no surprise that our kids can't spell.

    it's history repeating it's self, labour in power, tax rises, nothing to show for it, defence cuts, and half the fleet in mothballs,but they want to sent troops all over the planet, sheesh just drives me to dispair!

    little rant about labour over
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