Speeding up application by DIY Medical


Applications in for some time now waiting on next stage, however would it be advantageous to the recruitment time line to sort out the medical asap on my own if I go to one of the registered doctors off the RFA website?
Instead of waiting and waiting and can get this done and query anything that may pop up on my medical.
Probably not. It's hard enough to get a place on the course and if you do you are given plenty of time to sort out medicals/injections/security clearance. The date doesn't get any sooner no matter how quick you jump through the hoops.


It would do surely, if I keep passing stages knowing I have a completed medical I would know sooner if have a definite spot to start? And I can state I have the medical at interview stage?


I mean, you can if you want... It's a civilian medical that you pay for yourself, then claim back. There wouldn't be any harm in it, but it won't speed anything up. If you get invited to interview - big if - they're interviewing for a specific entry date that will give you months to get all the admin stuff sorted.

If you're then successful at interview - another big if - you can claim the cost back... If not, you're £80 out of pocket.

It won't change anything, even if the medical brings up some problems. Either you'll get in or you won't. My advice to any applicant would be to treat the application as something in the background that you really want to do, should the stars align favorably, but carry on with your life as if it isn't going to - applying for & taking other jobs etcetera. Lots of applicants, lots of competition. It's a crap shoot. Act accordingly!


Just want to echo Canoes sentiments on this one.

It's not a case of, "complete this checklist of things and we'll get you on course ASAP" it is a case of, "congratulations on a successful interview, before we give you a formal offer you have until xx/xx/xxxx to complete the following"

It's good to research where you can go locally, so if successful you are prepared. I had a mini fit trying to arrange my TB test (forget the name of the jab/test they do!)


Fair enough, thanks for your reply. I’ve done an army app before and passed everything except the medical because I was getting Physio on my shoulder, got told ‘see you in 6 months with problem fixed’. Medical was last hurdle and it just dragged on and on!

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