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Was driving a hire car a couple of weeks ago and got clocked by Avon and Somerset's finest working from a mobile van. The hire car company have e-mailed me a copy of the NIP they received and told me two days ago they've sent the paperwork off to name me as the driver. Rang A&S plod today to discuss it but they still haven't processed the change into my name/got the paperwork from the hire company yet.

Looking at ACPO guidelines I'm over the threshold to be summonsed by 3mph, so it looks likely to be a magistrates court case instead of a fixed penalty. I'm due at Raleigh in 5 weeks and have advised my AFCO, but as my advisor is away for a few days I've been told to call back later for more information on what happens next.

I've not had any penalty points endorsed before and the fine would be in band B, so I suspect that a driving ban is not a likely outcome (although it is technically an option). One of my main concerns is how this is playing out quite close to my proposed joining date, how that interacts with handing my notice in at work and how long the whole process takes from getting a NIP to finally paying off any fine, potentially blocking entry in the meantime.

  • If I've not received either a NIP (addressed to me) or the court summons by the time my current start date comes around would I start training in 5 weeks time or not?
  • Will my start date need to be pushed back if I avoid having to appear in court by entering a plea in writing/online?
  • If I am eventually convicted, do the DVA need to be told separately?


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You need to run this one past someone who knows the chapter and verse from an AFCO point of view, almost certainly someone who works/has worked as a CA for the RN in an AFCO. There is a poster on here called Ninja_Stoker, but I'm not sure whether he can take questions at the moment.

Wait for further answers; you need expert advice on this one.


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I can't answer the first part but last time I was a naughty boy and caught speeding I pled guilty by post, saves all that court malarkey.

When I had to re-new my security clearance not long back, traffic offences didn't need to be declared.

Have you submitted your security forms yet?


I already have DV, on that front I'm wondering if they care about a conviction because it was in a court instead of a FPN. Less concerned about this aspect in honesty as I could always send in the change of circs form anyway and let them decide if they want to ignore it.


Have heard back from NS in the other place but understandably his advice is quite open ended at this stage.

Beforere discussing it with my careers advisor on Tuesday it would be helpful to talk to some solicitors about my situation beforehand so I can brief the CA with as much useful information as I can.

If anyone can recommend some decent traffic solicitors that also cover the Avon & Somerset area, please let me know of them :)


Decided to update this thread for the benefit of those who find themselves in the same position:

I was recently convicted and given points and a fine in the post via the SJPN process - as my speed fell into a Band B category I was told it was unlikely I'd get an instant ban and so need to go to court and this was indeed the case for me. You are more likely to be made to appear in person if you are in Band C, have previous speeding convictions or will go over 12 points.

I pressed A&S Police to issue the paperwork to court as quickly as possible - had I not done this I'm told that they usually wait until just before their 6 month deadline to lay a charge with the court, which means I'd be waiting until past September just to get the court paperwork. Once the court got the case I then rang the court to get the hearing rescheduled to an earlier session, which saved another week or so.

After actively chasing the police/courts to speed things up the case took 3.5 months from being caught to getting the case closed - if you don't chase them it will probably take much longer.

I found a traffic solicitor online and for cases that are going to court would advise spending money on their advice/services. I spent £150 for help drafting a letter of mitigation/plea to the court and received other useful advice - this probably saved me £150 in the fine in any case.

With regards to the RN - as it was a pending prosecution and despite highlighting my case would probably be dealt with by post (i.e. no court attendance) my start date was cancelled, albeit mercifully before I needed to put my notice in at my current job.

I am now in the position where my suitability for a criminal conviction waiver is under consideration, but if I'm not granted one I will have to wait 12 months from the date of conviction as court imposed fines have a 12 month rehabilitation period under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act. There isn't much more I can do at this stage except wait and see what happens - needless to say it's been a very expensive and time consuming mistake!

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