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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by .Torch., Feb 6, 2014.

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  1. Afternoon, :)

    I have my AIB soon, and although I'm feeling pretty well prepared with most aspects.

    One thing I'm concerned about though is the quickfire questions on Speed, Distance and Time.

    I would be grateful if anyone had methods they could share with me, I feel like 'm going to let myself down with these questions!

    Thank you!
  2. A car travels 3 miles in 4 minutes what is the cars speed in Mph. The best way to think about it is how many 4s go into 60 which is 15. Times 15 by 3 gives you 45 mph. Use the SDT triangle and create a fraction of D/S or S/T. Divide the bottom by a common factor which will let it go into 60 then whatever you have to times the bottom by times by the top and there's your answer.

    Another example,

    A brick travels at 16 mph over a distance of 36 miles. How long has the brick been travelling

    We us Distance/speed= Time

    Gives us 36/16. But 16 doesn't go into 60 at this point easily. So we divide top and bottom by 4.

    We get 9/4. 4 goes into 60 15 times. Times the top by 15 gives us 135 minutes so the brick has been travelling for 2 hours and 15 minutes.

    This works for Distance/Time. A cat runs 75 miles in 15 minutes. What is the cats speed

    75/15= 15/3. 3 goes into 60, 20 times. Times 15 by 20 which gives you 300mph. Rapid cat huh ?

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  3. Thanks!

    I'm currently on: "I travel 33 miles at a constant speed of 55mph, for how long do I travel?"

    So, 33/55, divided by 11

    Down to, 3/5, with 5 going into 60 12 times,

    So 3 x 12 = 36 minutes?

    And... "I travel 61 miles in 1hr and 5 minutes, how fast was I travelling?"

    So I translate into minutes: 65 minutes

    Then, 61/65

    This one I just can't seem to manage, maybe I've been staring at them for to long. :scratch:
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  4. ' I travel 33 miles...' What is the distance that i travel? 33 miles? Is it possible the question is for how long does it take to travel 33m at 55 mph?

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  5. Ah sorry, I think I am getting tired. It was meant to read: "for how long do I travel?"
  6. Useful for mental tsd, 6 mins = one tenth of an hour.
  7. DTS = dinner time sesh! Think of the 3 letters in a triangle.

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  8. Youd have to be Prf Brian Cox to do that in your head .

    61/65 = 0.938 times 60 = 56.308 MPH

    As waspie saiys use 1/10th is 6 minutes as well.

    55mph is 5.5 miles in 6 minutes. 22 miles in 24 minutes add 11 miles in 12 minutes or 3 times 12 minutes and u get 36 minutes for the other question.
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  9. Have a go with this !!!!! Before you go

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  10. To ensure you don't get the triangle in the wrong order, speed is measured in miles per hour (for example). That's a distance (miles) divided by a time (hour), so distance must be on top of the triangle.
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  11. Hey Scouse are those some kind of navigators flip flops?
  12. Sacrilege! A (aviation), navigators best friend. Eats Time - Speed - Distance problems.

    The Dalton Mk6 Navigation computer.
  13. Am I right in thinking that the actual questions wont be ridiculous decimals? :)

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  14. I have no idea, but I cant see how they could be if you're sposed to do these in your head. Unless they wanted rough aproximates I guess.

    Or you had some of Scouse's and Waspies sandels... :cyclops:
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  15. Thank you everyone for your help. :)

    I think I've finally cracked this, just got to keep doing them to build up some speed!

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  16. Not AIB, but when I was on selection for aircrew our instructor used to throw TSD type questions at us all the time. The idea was to get us thinking quickly and get good ball park answers.

    In the real world you have all sorts of technology to give you the answers but it is nice to know a rough figure in case some one has programmed in a number and mis placed the decimal point - you will be able to see it's wrong and avoid a god almighty balls up. They do happen!
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  17. Always see if the speed can be divided by 60 and it'll make it easier. 120 mph is 2 miles per minute, so dividing your distance by 2 will give you your journey time in minutes. I'm sure that's why we only flew around at low level at either 420, 450 or 480 kts :)
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  18. Helo's always at 90/120 Kts!!! For the same reasons!!!!! Life is all about being made simple!!!!

    Doesn't help matey trying to work out his TSD probs though!!!

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