Speed Cameras

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Drakey, Apr 20, 2010.

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  1. Re: peed Cameras

    I've pinged the one outside of Antony but I don't know where it's counterpart is further up the road towards Torpoint as I turn off just past Antony.

    Deep joy for all the boy racers who tank it down that stretch of road :wink:
  2. Re: peed Cameras

    GPS? Aren't they sure where they put it or are they expecting some bugger to steal it?
  3. Re: peed Cameras

    Secret trials, leaked to the HERALD ? Nice one.
  4. Re: peed Cameras

    Perhaps they intend to use mobile units as well, in which case having the GPS would eliminate any operator induced location error.
  5. Re: peed Cameras

    Question - Does it capture the front or rear of vehicle??
  6. Re: peed Cameras

    As the article states they can identify the driver it would be safe to assume the front.
  7. Re: peed Cameras

    Number plate capture, and time difference cameras have been around for years, but their full capability has not been used.

    Those innocent looking blue cameras you see next to roundabouts and along 'A' roads are all capable of capturing your number plate and timing your progress between points.
  8. Re: peed Cameras

    Surely along that stretch of road it's got to be aimed at bikes?

    To average over 60 in a car (certainly a car like mine) would be difficult, especially as those heading west from Torpoint seem keen on not exceeding 40 until the road straightens out - which would take some pretty stunning acceleration to bump up the average - though I'm no mathematician.
  9. Re: peed Cameras

    Oh yes, thanks for pointing that out.

    Reason I ask (as Guzzler points out) is I will adhere to most if not all speed limits in the v-hicular but I'm afraid on my two wheeled steed....speed is no barrier :twisted:
  10. Re: peed Cameras

    Highly likely considering the number of fatal bike accidents on that road, thinking about it and R12's query they must also do rear capture as bikes only have a rear number plate.
  11. Re: peed Cameras

    Last winter we were travelling regularly on a route that had several average speed camera sets, and the general impression was they had significantly reduced the rate and severity of accidents. As for special bike cameras, I don't know perhaps a biker can tell us.
  12. Re: peed Cameras

    8O Perish the thought..!
    As those up 'ere north know, a certain arterial M/way is ravaged with variable speed cams.
    A couple of months ago I went to Raleigh on said m/cycle and ripped through the cams regardless. Safe in the knowledge that the cam 'saw nothing'... No number plate - no crime!

    M62 is in a similar state and following a couple of weeks of commuting somewhat hastily, became aware of several no-so-well-hidden plods lurking. The cams may not yet be adequate, but I dare say it's not far away.
    Until then, pissed off v-hicular users will no doubt bitch and whine to plod about speeding bikes, jealous to fekc that they can't get away with it!
  13. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    So if I, sorry someone, was to leave a GPS jammer next or near to said camera would that invalidate the pictures??? Just asking like. Out of interest.
  14. Just paint-ball the bloody thing.
  15. Gas axe the lot down. :D
  16. Whatever happened to 'Captain Gatso' and his happy band of camera destroyers?

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