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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by fly_past, Jan 30, 2008.

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  1. My mate got bagged by a mobile speed camera (money makers if ever there were such items) doing 41 in a 40 mph limit. He coughed to the incident (he was pulled over by police further down road) and he got the fine in the post yesterday. He will pay it as he was speeding - allbeit by 1 mph...
    I came out with the line of how to dodge the speed cameras - dont exceed the limit. After all it is a limit and not a target to aim for. He got pissed off with me... how unfair is that?

    Still, I did deserve it, after all I was laughing, andnot faced with the fine, and the upping of his insurance renewal in May!
  2. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    1 mph, fcuk me thats a bit pedantic isn't it? is someones "camera partnership" on a fund raising spurt. Your mate (if he has the time and inclination) could challange that, surely there has to be a margin of error with these speed cameras.
  3. He muttered about challenging it, but he probably wont. He's a bit like that. I said he should challenge it, but the cop apparently said the radar thingy was calibrated prior to use.

    I personally think the Govt is out to catch out as many as poss, after all they cant price us off the roads just yet. Just increase the fines and get the council tax up and raise the car parking charges and ... rant rant rant rant.
    Still, will save that for a later post!
  4. Absolute complete and utter bollox me thinks. You DO NOT get done for 1mph over the limit.
  5. There were similar statements made sometime during the last year, which was proved to be unfounded.
    IIRC there were challenges to this 'calibration', and the fines were dropped ?
  6. Certainly some chief connstables have been talking about zero tolerance for some time. Mind you this was a mobile camera so perhaps there was something else about the driving and the speeding ticket was the easy way to pin him for something
  7. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I think that you may be wasting your time here KLNA, I was going to make the same comment but all the "Experts" will know better :threaten:
  8. http://www.speedcam.co.uk/index2.htm

    Spot the camera game for all to play on site

    Remember me and the mate going for spares for the Kwacker[Kawasaki Z1] on his Suzuki to Wigan land of the pie eaters. I was up front decided to test drive this awesome machine with being insured for any bike.

    Plod pulled us over stating I was doing forty one. I stated clock was showing forty. He stated it is thirty down here!!

    Mate who lives in the land of the pies. Tells me that the road is a moneymaker it is forty to the roundabout then after thirty but no signs anyplace.

    Here in Ireland there are no fancy yellow speed cameras a darker shade of green amongst the trees.

    The Runcorn expressway leading to the M56 last time I was over and heading for Frodsham I spotted the yellow mobile money maker down the hill parked amongst the bin carts either that or tankers. Must have a good camera to snap you from that position
  9. doesnt the construction and use regulations regarding private vehicles allow a + or - 10 % accuracy discrepancy ?
  10. Sorry but your mate is full of bullshit. No police car speedo is that accurate and no private car speedo is that acurate either. There is an allowance. A pound over or under inflation in the tyres will make the speedo show different to what you are doing.

    As much as I detest the police, they wouldn't get away with charging someone exceeding the speed limit by 1 mph.
  11. But the speed limit is different to the regulations on the speedometer, you can drive carss made before sometime in the 30s without a speedometer quite legally, but you must still keep to the limit
  12. In the Kent and Medway Speed Camera Money Making Partnership, they allow 10%+2mph, so for example in a 30mph zone, you will only get flashed doing 35 and above. There are also rules regarding signs for Speed Cameras, and the speed limit signs, if neither are followed you can appeal.

    I looked this all up when I thought I was caught speeding, but luckily the letter never arrived.
  13. Yes there is an allowance for a 10% +/- error, hence the bo11ox some people spout about getting done 1mph over the limie
  14. You are incorrect - some Police vehicles (normally traffic cars) are fitted with calibrated speedometers that are frequently checked over a measured distance and time to ensure their accurancy - such speedo's are usually provided by a company called IRS with a calibration certificate to be exact.
  15. Correct, exceeding the speed limit is what is known as an ABSOLUTE offence, that means there is no requirement to prove mens rea (intention or recklessness), purely that the act is committed
  16. No one gets done for 41 MPH in a 40 limit. Is he certain that he was in a 40 limit area and not a 30 area?
    My son was prosecuted for doing 38 MPH in a 30 limit, he was sure that it was a 40 limit so went back to check. Sure enough it was a 30 limit.
    However the signage was extremely bad, no maintenance for several years. He took photographs and decided to fight it. The magistrates agreed, had words with the prosecutors and the case was dropped.
    Well worth fighting.
    And if he was doing 41 in a 40 limit fight it anyway, no equipment even when correctly calibrated is that accurate.
  17. It's not neccesarily the cameras that catch you that need calibrating, I thought they gave you leeway for the calibration of the car speedo. As said before if car tyres are over/under inflated it can show an incorrect speed and they can't do you for going 1 mph over the limit if you honestly didn't know you were!
    When i got the car i have now, i'd go through one of the flsahy speed warning signs at 35 on the speedo before it'd warn me it was 30, had the speedo checked and reset, now it warns me when i'm doing 32mph.
  18. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Slimey camera ship [email protected] where on the severn bridge this morning, covering the 50mph zone, just where everyone is looking at signs and thinking about lanes/money etc.

    Never known an accident there, maybe the odd shunt at the pay booths but not on the run up to them the theiving w'nkers.
  19. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Radar guns, despite beign calibrated, are susceptible to mechenical error (often affected by climatic weather and internal aircon conditions).

    Therefore most officers operating on traffic-related duties will not stop and issue a ticket within +5mph of an offence. "Error of doubt" and "Gypsy's warning" tends to apply here; 41mph in 40mph will rarely - if ever - result in a ticket of Court apprearance... 8O :roll:
  20. Dorset.......camera capital of the southern counties........A37.... 0630, pitch black, don't have street lighting down here.......be careful they're only on this earth to make money!!!!!! thats their job.....Safety issues my arse.

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