Speed Cameras


War Hero
Ok, so I sat through the BBC article. Dr Tann is a Geordie :angel9: ...the article shows a police LIDAR (laser based) unit being used, and their company rep defending it along similar lines saying their unit IS accurate and they could just go back and check the tape of the video recorded and do distance/time to check the accuracy. (You would think that they would have done so in order to defend their reputation....)

He also surmises that Dr Tanns unit is doing average distance over time, but if he is quoting to 20 decimal places then the time interval is extremely small, and therefore more accurate than the LIDAR. At least it seems likely that he would have been able to demonstrate that sufficiently to a magistrate or jury. Hence why some copper or other got a nice golden handshake and pushed out the door. Call me an old cynic.