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Speed Cameras

Nutty said:
ukdaytona said:
xxspikexx said:
what about arguing victimisation of car drivers ? head on speed cameras cannot identify speeding motorcyclists , and in my opinion they are the worst offenders (as most motorcyclists will admit) if speed cameras are to be used then motorcycles should have no plates on front also, as i understand it a criminal offence not to have them on cars any feedback ?

Im both a car driver and a motorcyclist, I travel the M4 everyday and see far more cars weaving in and out trying to get there a few minutes faster than bikes. Most bikes stay in one lane and only filter in slow traffic. A number of car drivers will tailgate, waeve from lave to lane, spend time faffing with the radio/written directions, lighting fags and drinking coffe/water etc, also have been cut up by far more cars than motorbikes....

Where would you suggest putting a number plate on the front of motorbikes? matchallpartial&Ntk=site&Ntt=speed cameras - some interesting articles

After 10 years of Driving down th M11 in the rush hour I rarely saw a car changing lanes because it was so busy. Bikes undertaking, changing lanes, using the hard shoulder, sitting on your rear off or near side corner in the blind spot, going down the lane separation lines at 70 mph when the traffic is moving at 30 mph. To numerous to mention, dozens daily.

Ninety Percent appear to be boy racers between the ages of 17 and 70. Only you can't tell cos of the helmet.

Now I never see a rush hour let alone a traffic jam.


Yo tambien!
Hello mods
Can we make Sootys' original post 'sticky'..
There can be few of us not liable to be caught 'speeding' and if this advice works it could be well worth it.


Book Reviewer
As we haven't heard from mickpoolie since the 27th March, is it safe to assume that this didn't work and he's locked up somewhere?


War Hero
Passed-over_Loggie said:
Aye, a canny lad. I take it that he didn't go into too much detail on how his system and GPS works.

Neither does his website, I imagine he cant reveal too much, first to market and all that. I can only guess that he is making use of the expanded position data that was recently declassified and made available to the commercial sector .

Passed-over_Loggie said:
Most consumer and aviation GPS use a one second sample rate and use position averaging to smooth the results to be sufficiently readable. As I understand it, Tanny boy could very well have hit 42 MPH, duly read by the Doppler RADAR driving the camera, while still showing an averaged 29.18 MPH on his box of tricks. A simple short period accelerate - decelerate cycle.

I think the gist of his argument was that he is not giving an instantaenous reading as you outline, but recording his speed at all times via the database. Of course, databases would not be open to manipulation by someone......would they :thumright:

Dr Tann's invention is built into a mobile phone and records its location and speed on a computer database.

The design has already received government funding, with a £60,000 NStar proof of concept award.

Passed-over_Loggie said:
What wonderfully cheap publicity for his box of tricks!

No doubt.

His company, Autopoietic Systems, plans to market a consumer version of the technology later this year.

The technology lecturer believes his case could open the floodgates for other motorists accused of speeding.

He also called for better training for police officers who have to use mobile speed detection equipment.

Dr Tann said: "The mobile cameras used are not 100% accurate.

"My system can track a GPS phone within half-a-metre of where it is, whereas devices currently on the market can, at best, only track a phone within five metres."

Well I agree with the training part, if Plod gets lazy and just pencil whips the calibrations, then gets found out in a case it end up with "early retirements" and dropped cases all over the place, wasting public money. But the reality is its a numbers game and less than 3% of people contest their tickets, so the decision makers are reluctant to intervene with a well oiled machine, hence why they let this guy off lest he set a precedent for anyone else to follow by buying his box o' tricks


War Hero
Ok, so I sat through the BBC article. Dr Tann is a Geordie :angel9: ...the article shows a police LIDAR (laser based) unit being used, and their company rep defending it along similar lines saying their unit IS accurate and they could just go back and check the tape of the video recorded and do distance/time to check the accuracy. (You would think that they would have done so in order to defend their reputation....)

He also surmises that Dr Tanns unit is doing average distance over time, but if he is quoting to 20 decimal places then the time interval is extremely small, and therefore more accurate than the LIDAR. At least it seems likely that he would have been able to demonstrate that sufficiently to a magistrate or jury. Hence why some copper or other got a nice golden handshake and pushed out the door. Call me an old cynic.
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