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Speed Cameras

It now appears that in West Lothian, there is so much damage being done to Speed Cameras that they are to introduce Cameras to spy on the Cameras, anyone care to guess how many cameras will be watching other Cameras in twenty years time.
As a retired Traffic Cop I can only add that Cameras are there purely for Revenue purposes as they have little effect on road safety, contrary to what HM gov state.A few weeks ago I travelled from Dundee to Aberdeen a distance of about 70 miles of dual carriageway and there were 7 cameras in each direction, ( there might have been more but I was running out of fingers) to add insult to injury on approaching Aberdeen and also Dundee on the return there was a mobile camera van sited presumely to mop up any offenders who missed the aforementioned cameras.Cameras are cheaper to run and will get more cases than a cop but there is no discression irrespective of road conditons or the time of day.
I don't know about now, but some years ago there were 29 speed cameras between Newcastle and Edinburgh on the A1. Not all were functional, but some certainly were.

I used to trunk that road overnight, and in the end lost my licence for 6 months (and hence my job) for doing more 50mph with an artic on a 60mph single carriageway road at 2am.

The cameras were set at 66mph. The truck's limiter was set at 54mph. Then they reset them at 54mph for trucks and coaches. Got caught twice on the same night that they reset them with a lot of other guys before we realised what they had done.

Then again i got caught twice more in a force 9 gale by two cameras just a mile apart. I was doing 50 & 51mph. It wasn't the truck's speed that set 'em off. It was the spray from the truck.

Still got done though.

When they offered me my HGV licence back I told them where to stuff it. I'd already bought my boat.
I got nabbed by the local plod doing sixty when they reckoned it was a forty zone. Having a zoomer of a bike made things worse it was always shout and yell, til the helmet came off then they could see they had a old timer and not some young kid!!

Turns out the local council had changed the speed limit without firstly consulting the MOT who decide if it warrants changing. So I was let off with that one.

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