Speed Cameras and there result on drinking & driving.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, Jun 15, 2007.

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  1. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    They may not catch drunk drivers slim but the dont half bring some cash into the Govt coffers ^~
  2. Between Pompey and Dover, my Sat-Nav flashes up 113 warning for speed cameras/traps. Between Calais and Venice it stays silent… 'nuff said
  3. Do you use the motorways between Calais and Venice?
  4. Slim
    Am not at all sure the Mail has got it right..
    According to my brief investigation the UK has among the least road deaths in the EU. They seem to be remaining constant whilst cameras increase Mmmm!
    A high proportion of UK road deaths are pedestrian/child deaths which has to say something about mentality.
  5. There is also one category of road death which is rising thus masking reductions in other categories and that is motorbikes, In Sctland we are approaching the target for road deaths set some years ago, and even with a blip last year are on track in all categories except motorbikes where the number of deaths is higher than it was in the reference period 95/98
  6. Sadly in the ambulance service we call them Donor cycles.
  7. I wonder if scooters are included in that figure?
    Given the wobbly riding of most of them it wouldn't surprise me.
    A lot comes down to attitude and in the UK the 'Right of Way' myth still seems pretty ingrained.
    It always shocks me that people have to wait meekly on a central island for someone to have the good grace to pause, even in the pouring rain.
    Nonethless the roads are safer now than at any time.
  8. As a 'retired' biker, I would like to see ALL road users do a Motorcycle CBT. Whilst I will agree that there are those bikers out there who are adamant that they wish to meet their maker at the earliest possible moment, there are also a lost of Car/Van/Lorry/Coach drivers that have little if any regard for another road user IF the vehicle they are in is bigger than what you on/in.

    I recently sold my bike as I no longer wish to dice with death on a daily basis by having to avoid idiots weaving from lane to lane or that have no idea what mirros are, what filter lanes are for or what the white lines/give way lines mean at junctions......'Im going faster than you so im not stopping' is not a recognised sign unlike STOP or GIVE WAY.....

    Also we should have middle lane cameras for motorways, while driving to work Tuesday, I say in the inside lane with nothing in front of me for about a mile and I was doing 70. A car proceeded to sit in that middle lane going no faster than me and with plenty of room in the inside lane for the entire journey from J16 to J17 of the M4 when they swerved across to pull off the motorway
  9. I've been driving for 30 years and have nil pints on my licence and never have. I probably won't either, maybe I've been lucky. The reason for this is that I drive within the law. If you speed then you deserve to get points and a fine and if you speed you always speed.

    On the subject of speed cameras, I'm not a huge fan and I suspect that a small number are placed with the intention of gaining revenue. However, the vast majority are placed in locations where there have been a high number of serious injuries and fatalities, caused primarily by speed.

    As for policing the roads, when was the last time you saw Traffic Police patrolling the motorways and major routes? You will be hard pressed because this Government have reduced the numbers over the years and want them getting away from their core roles. You will find them in towns and cities attending anything from domestics to burglaries in progress and anything else that needs addressing.

    Unforunately, cameras don't catch dangerous or reckless driving, impaired
    or disqualified drivers which Traffic Police can.

    So to prevent yourself losing your licence, slow down and be safe.
  10. I have witnessed bad judgement and poor driving skills brought about by pure frustration.

    On one occasion I was stuck in a tail back of traffic on a single carriage road because the person at the front of the queue refused to drive above 25 mph on a 40 mph road. This caused drivers behind to take risks in order to get past the slower vehicle.

    I would have thought that after a number of frustrated drivers had passed, hooting horns and shaking fists, the person would have woke up to the fact that they were causing a problem, not to mention resentment and pent up feelings anger.

    My point is, that it's not only the speed merchants who cause problems. The overly cautious drivers can be just as much a hazard as the careless buggers on the road.
  11. :toilet: (Govt coffers)
    Can I recommend Snooper, a lovely bit of kit if you keep it updated via your PC, lets you know about all those 'Hazardous area's' you are approaching at speed ........... whooops, at the speed limit I meant to say ! :tp: Mind how you go.
  12. The speed camera by the shell garage coming out of Pompey confuses me why it's there, the one just before you get on the motorway.

    I believe there was a fatality there, and that was some idiot who thought the M275 was a pedestrian crossing!
    But why is it there if not for cash raising.
  13. M4 - J15 to J16 currently has average speed cameras, been there couple weeks now, went through this morning and immediately the other side, there was a camera van sat on top of a bridge.......
  14. I have one of these on my run to work everyday, a forty car tail back, no passing places as single lane winding road A92, the road is a 60 she drives 25 until the road is straight then when you try to pass speeds up
    I got three points and £60 as at the next opportune moment long straight, I was wise to the tactic and booted past right infront of the camera van 70 in a 60

    She also whilst driving the 07 plate 4x4 drops to 4mph to cross the two traffic counting wires across the road, must not do too much to damage the suspension Pratt, I really want to stop in front and twat the bitch, though have resorted to leaving ten minutes earlier for work to avoid her I seriously want to confront her and put her in the picture, bloody farmers wife
  15. You really killed the conversation dead there shippers. Probably because this site is run by women.
  16. I must remember to keep out of Fife on the VFR if they set targets for fatal motorcycle accidents, remember stats show that 90% of F.R.T.As involving m/cycles are due to drivers of four or more wheeled vehicles.Use the Roadcraft (police method) and ride defensively.Born to Ride,Ride to Live!
  17. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    I'd like to defend the motorcycle community here from any implied criticism that people may read into this increase. Just because their death-rate is increasing, does not necessarily mean that the rat increase is solely down to their riding - the abysmal driving habits of "cagers" (as the two wheel fraternity call motorists) is a contributory factor - on one 45 minute 32 mile journey last April, on a legally ridden motorcycle (i.e. all speed limits rigidly adhered to), I was nearly taken out on three separate occasions; 1 car overtaking across double white lines, one car pullling out from a side road without looking and one car driver on the mobile phone. What saved me each time was defensive riding - thank you IAM.

    Speed cameras have, in my opinion, contributed to a significant general decline in driving standards; the visible and human PC TrafPol has been removed and road safety is "assured" by a simple mechanism of speed limit enforcement at limited locations. Personally I'd like to see speed cameras on residential roads, near shops and outside schools - its these areas where pedestrians are most at risk from lunatic motorists. To litter rural roads with low traffic densities with speed cameras proves to me that PC Gatso is solely a revenue generator.

    Off to lie down now and be thankful that the Upper Ottawa Valley is a Gatso free zone :)
  18. Must agree with Flagwaver, too many motorists do not see or totaly ignore bikers,I was lucky to be Police trained and served 16 y as a bike cop, during this time even when going to a RTA with Blues and Siren I was T boned by an ignorant bitch who pulled from the stationary traffic into my path and it was goodbye to another polis beemer. As previously mentioned Drivers cause the majority of accidents. I Know when stuck in traffic a bike filtering to the front of the queue annoys some but the answer is get a bike ( they are better trained as a bike licence is hard to obtain) and get there quicker even by sticking to the speed limits.As for cameras they are a Cash Cow for the Police/Local Authority ,they have no safety value,do not detect more serious motoring offences and have no discetion regarding time of day ,weather or traffic conditions etc.Traffic Patrols in Strathclyde are rare nowadays as the TD has been halved in strengh over the years from aprox 10% of the force to less than 5%.
  19. You drive within the law all the time? Not ever, never inch across a speed limit.
    Never cheekily park to nip into a shop?
    Such willpower is to be admired I suppose.

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