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Discussion in 'Motoring' started by Haggis_Catcher, Jan 6, 2010.

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  1. anyone got any of theses such as road angles and snooper or what not and if so are they worth the money to buy them.
    not that am planning on breaking the speed limit. :angel4: :angel4:
  2. Been having a look at the Roadhawk system.

    In-car camera system that logs just about everything, haven't yet discovered if it lists possible speed cams locations though.

  3. Had a Road Angel since 2005, not been caught speeding since I have had it. Do 600 miles a week and can honestly say it has saved me 6 points and £120 in fines as it alerted me to a mobile camera van twice allowing me to drop below 75 from 80. :lol: . Needs a yearly subscription to update fixed camera locations and there are newer versions out there but would recommend a look at, the Road Angel Plus (I think) is available cheaply on eBay.
  4. good stuff mate will be the cash then as i have 6pts on the the license.
  5. Most Tom Tom Nav systems can display fixed cameras, but it is the average speed ones that are the real barstewards now. Also, mobile units are obviously not shown and as they use laser now, which is a very fine beam, you can only get reflections from other vehicles, which is generally too late.

    Buy a foreign plated car.........
  6. I have the road angel professional connected with laser detectors.It will detect a cops bollocks at 200 yards..At 245 quid and 4.99 a month as it ut dates itself through the orange mobile network every so often (hour or so )or when there is a new update .you as a driver can report the position of a mobile camera (patrol as you pass )then that will download to other users for the next 6 housr or so .ITS BLOODY GODD :D

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