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I realise you guys are probably sick of hearing these but I couldn't find anything like this in the search...

Basically back in Dec 2012 I had one heck of a chest infection and had to get inhalers for it (Ventolin & Clenil), would they both be covered by the "No asthma or asthma treatment in the last 4 years" rule?

The reason im asking is because I remember reading a story that someone who failed a medical back in 2011 for using oral steroids that are used for asthma and apparently that was enough to permanently bar him from service...? (The guy was applying for the Royal Marines)

Clenil is basically steroids, so you can kinda see why im concerned about this...
Type Inhaler into the search box (top right) and read through the posts.
Yeah. But any idea why someone would get permanently barred from service for inhalers? Or is that something that just doesn't happen? Seems like both types of inhalers would be fine as long as it's been 4 years since use... (Im guessing they'd come under "Asthma treatment")


Just found the story. He went to the Doctor in 2004 for a chest infection who prescribed him the oral steroids normally used for asthma... and he applied to join in 2011. Seems like something he shouldn't have been permanently barred for... But then again, he was going for Royal Marines, Im guessing they'd have different standards to the rest of the Navy?
Chapter and verse, below.

The issue, I believe, is the type and frequency of treatment but again, I'm not a medical expert on this issue.
Looks like i'd fall under this:

4D.04 Candidates with symptoms confined to age less than 5 yrs of age, or a single episode of wheeze associated with an acute respiratory tract infection (during which bronchodilator / inhaled steroid treatment may have been prescribed) may be graded P2.
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