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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by BFC_69, Feb 25, 2010.

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  1. Sorry everyone...

    I have finally been given a date for my final interview, however I have just been told I need more specific info.

    Ninja & Soleil have already provided me with some great stuff and I thought I was someway near to prepared in that respect, however my AFCO has just informed me I need to know more about the current operations, aircraft and ships etc...

    Where is the best place to look and swat up?
  2. Thanks Soleil, You are my hero!

    I would imagine that I would only need to be aware of fleet air arm would you have thought?
  3. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    You are trying to join the Royal Navy, it comes as a whole, you need to know about all sections of it
  4. For your interview the knowledge doesn't need to be incredible, but you need a basic understanding of all aspects of the navy including main surface ships and subs to be able to answer a couple of questions if asked.
    A small knowledhge of deployments will also serve you well.

    If you are looking to be in the FAA then also have a knowledge of types/roles of aircraft, For example there are 3 types of lynx Mk3/8 (Anti Surface Warfare) and Mk7 (Battlefield Utility RM.)

    For the record current FAA units in Afghanistan are 845/846 NAS using the Mk4 CHF Sea King and 857 using the ASaC7 Sea King.

    Theres not too much to learn, be sure to pick up a hard copy of Navy News and look inside the front cover where you will find a map of operations/deployments which is usually bang up to date (The next one is published beginning of March.)

    Overall just relax when there, most questions will be about YOU:)

  5. Have a read up about everything. It's best to have a broad knowledge. Get your ship and aircraft recognition skills upto scratch as well.

    It's not as if it's that difficult now that we only have about 4 ships.

    I imagine your interview may go something like this:

    ''So BFC, tell me about some current operations the Royal Navy are undertaking?''

    ''Er we have a ship in the Gulf and one down South in case the Argies kick off again. The rest are all sat in Fountain Lake rusting away with the exception of a few small ships which are providing a token presence in a few foreign ports.

    I believe the FAA might be showing the crabs how it's done over in the 'stan and there is probably a V boat sat on the bottom of the Clyde for 3 months, under the pretence that it is providing a nuclear deterrent to far off foes.

    Oh you would like me to identify some pictures of ships? Splendid.

    That's a stumpy 42 it must be HMS Liverpool because the rest are all being turned into razor blades in Turkey.

    That's a 23. Interesting to see one that isn't flying a Chilean flag.

    That's a CVS, it's definitely not the Invince because that has been rusting away in Pompey dockyard for years under the pretences that it is under 'extended readiness.'

    Er that's it.''
  6. Thank you!

    Actually, you should gen up on the ships as well, as you might be asked on which ships you might serve in your capacity as an AET.

    You should certainly know about the Carriers - today's AND tomorrow's ....
    and Types 23/42/45 etc. Which aircraft would you find where?

    Print out the Broadsheet page I have linked for you.

    Deeper information on the aircraft is here:


    How many different types of aircraft are there? And in the future?

    Where would you serve on land, too?
  7. Cheers Jane, here is my answers Hms Ark Royal Hms Hermes Hms Victorious Hms Eagle. RNAS Lossiemouth RNAS Culdrose RNAS Yeovilton RNAS Brawdy RNAS Osprey Buccaneers Tooms Sea Vixens Gannets Sea Kings Wessexs and Wasps, have i made it for AET??? :lol: :lol: :lol:
  8. Thats how I do my recognition^

  9. Of course you have, Scouse, who could say no? :lol:
  10. Absolutely crying with laughter... fack me!

    You reckon that will impress the AFCO?
  11. BFC69...Burnley FC?? What AFCO you go to?
  12. Nope...

    Much more boring than that!! My its Berrow FC the club I play for...

    Dunno why, just jumped into my head at the time.

    Taunton AFCO.

    I hope your name isnt a reference to Mr Fabregas
  13. ooo lol thought it was Burnley FC, my bad
    And finally someone on here gets my username!
    Good luck with your interview son
  14. Cheers Dad...

    And good luck to you in your application process!
  15. aha, no worries!
    Thanks but good luck is a bit late :( I've passed everything, just waiting for my Raleigh date
  16. lol... in which case good luck with that!
  17. Alot of people worry about the knowledge they need for the interview (for SIFT and AIB) but that's actually fairly basic. In my AIB interview I was asked to point out a couple of places where the RN is currently operating and what ships are there (info is found from the front page of Navy News), all pretty simple.

    I was also asked to name what ships were in 3 pictures. Largs Bay, a Type 22 and the JSF came up for me, they then asked some basic questions about their role (i.e. what the Bay class does, what a JSF will land on, etc), again fairly simple. Note, I am going warfare and was still asked about what you may consider RFA and Fleet Air Arm knowledge, so it doesn't matter what branch you are going for, learn it all (including the RM).

    The Service Knowledge test at AIB is a totally different beast however. Whatever branch you are going for, everyone attending AIB on the same day as you (which for me was 3 Boards of 3 people, so 9 total) sits exactly the same test which covered everything. You'll get questions about RM, RFA, FAA and general RN knowledge, about the weapons they all use, where they are based, what they do, their propulsion systems, the lot. There is no possible way you'll know the answer to them all however, so don't worry about it too much, especially as you get marked against the group that sat the test that day with you, not against a set standard.

    If you read and take in this page and go through each subsection you'll be fairly well placed to do well on the test.

    Edit: Just realised you are going for AET and not officer entry...ah well, perhaps a PO will read this and find it helpful instead!
  18. Thanks Yoyo...

    As far as Im concerned theres no such thing as bad info, so It wont hurt to have a look!
  19. I never had any of that when I was interviewed. Mine went more along the lines of....

    "Where have you lived? Why do you want to join the Navy? What have you being doing workwise in the past 6 years? Fancy joining boats instead, is a bit quicker to get in!? Excellent, welcome aboard"

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