Specialist Submarine Medical

Hi there, I am off to Raleigh on the 24th May and noticed that on the General Guidance sheet I received with my kit list etc.. there is a Specialist Submarine Medical on the first day of training. Can anyone please tell me what this entails? I am going in as a WS SS SM so obviously I need to pass it.
Basically it a similar test to the surface fleet lads, but they will do a few more check on breathing to make sure you will be OK when the submarine is under or when you need to escape for the Sub.

SO it's similar to the one you did for joining, but with a little extra towards potential breathing problems.

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Just wondering, what is the submarine branch like. What are the pro's and con's. I know they get that 5k bonus, Is it working as a incentive ?


You do a lung function/capacity test, you will have no trouble passing it as I was deliberately trying to fail having being drafted to boats but still passed!
Much oblidged to you guys. Thats put my mind at rest. I have to say that RUMRATION has been and massive help to me since November. This is was my first topic, and for no other other reason than all the questions I was needing the answers to were already somewhere on this forum. Brilliant! Thanks again

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