Specialist pay/retention pay question for the white mafia!

Discussion in 'UPO' started by djjenks, Jun 7, 2012.

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  1. Okay guys in the white mafia,
    can you tell me the full dit on specialist/retention pay when you put your notice in. Can it be done on a case by case basis for personnel who are still serving on operational duties? As I have heard from our oppos in light blue that they do it that way as it is "wrong" that front line loose their specialist pay when on tour/operations just because they have their notice in.
    Many thanks.
  2. This is from Chapter 27 of BR3 - is it what you are looking for?


    Additional Pay

    Different types of additional pay are as follows:

    a. Specialist Pay (SP). SP is targeted at areas where there are particular difficulties in recruiting and retention and can be paid on a Continuous Career Basis (CCB), Non-Continuous Basis (NCB) or task basis, depending on the cadre. SP may increase or decrease according to prevailing recruiting and retention conditions. When personnel submit their notice to leave the Service early, the rate of payment reduces by 50% to reflect that the retention aspect of SP has failed. From 1 April 2012, there will be no entitlement to SP following application for Early Termination (PVR). In some branches, for those personnel on extensions of service, break points will be offered which do not incur an SP reduction. SP rates are set annually by the AFPRB.
  3. True dit. "break points" (my bold), known as Optional Exit Points in the RN, are applicable to submariners (see the relevant RNTM). Don't believe what the RAF might tell you!
  4. Left you a dit on the other post. The mob does not give a flying **** where you are, they will take the lot. As one admiral said to our SR's mess- "put your hand in a bucket of water, take it out, the hole that is left is how much the mob gives a **** about you when you're gone"Nice Sir, I hope you get a terminal disease you ****.

    Needless to say no one spoke after that.
  5. Frogman, at least the Admiral was telling the truth, no spin or bullshit like you get on 1SL or 2SL "roadshows".
  6. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Frogman, its nice to know that nothing has changed since I left in 1970
  8. What 'Band of Brothers' line? The one in Henry V?
  9. I've got the Band of Brothers box set if that helps.
  10. Me too, but can't remember the bit where a senior Royal Navy officer says "band of brothers" as inferred above.
  11. If you think about it, whilst you are serving you are an asset, once you have gone, time or notice done you are no longer an asset.
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  12. It's a fair one though. Let's not kid ourselves, most of us are no Jack Cornwells who'll have stuff named after us, why should the RN care once we've gone? 90% spend their time dripping and loafing, taking and only giving when they really, really have to.

    You get a pension, that's enough.
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  13. I agree with you to a certain extent- I'm certainly no apologist for that proportion of the Naval Service you describe, nor am I a budding Jack Cornwell! However, I find the institutional hypocracy breathtaking- if that's the way Senior Management feel, then why bother with the badly maintained illusion that we actually give a monkey's about our manpower? It's not so much the sentiment that bothers me, more the inconsistency in the face of the continual PR stream telling us about how appreciated we are and how well we are doing.

    I can only hope that the Admiral was as forthright in his exchanges with the Ministers as he was with the SRs mess- although given how the majority (with notable exceptions) have become political lapdogs, then I would suggest that my optimism is misplaced.

    As for the pension- you are right, although the question as to whether it will be enough or not will only become apparent post 2015!
  14. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Did the admiral share the sentiment or was he just telling it like it is? While it would be nice to have the US system where there is an official connection to the services for those who have left, other than a few "professional ex servicemen" most of our ex factor wouldn't spend a weekend in their respective messes ashore the way I've seen Yanks do, especially seniors. Different relationship with the services both ways.
  15. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Further to my last I understand that Royal gives a bigger shit about those who have gone before (mess membership for all retired seniors) but question whether that can be called official.
  16. I spent 26 years in the mob and my biggest fear was the AFPRB coming along and asking me to justify the huge wedge the fuckwers paid me every month.
    I didn't serve the RN..or the Queen or any other cnut...I was in it purely for the laugh, the travel and the good oppos I met along the way.
    The fact that now I've left some sorry arse continues to pay me enough to finance my toy cupboard maintenance of Jetski, motorbikes, windsurfers, MTB's etc etc is a fecking bonus. Also having gone outside and found that the civvies are no competition on the earnings front...I end up giving 40% of the fecking pension back anyhows.
    So it's time for all the pissy knicker princesses to dry their eyes and earn a living for the first time in their lives...it's a whole new challenge and great fun.
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  17. It is changing in some official ways, no funding for "top tables" being one example. However the bond between Royals is still as strong as ever and long may it last!
  18. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Commando ethos tentoes, those who have gone before are held in high regard by those serving. The RN doesn't do 'respect' for the old boys quite the way Royal does.

    Although I've been closely associated with Royal in my time I haven't even done the AACC but I recognise what makes Royal a different, superior beast. Other than those who have smelled the smoke and faced real danger together, I get the impression that the RN past and present over-egg the brotherhood thing. So if we don't give too much of a fcuk for each other, why should the Navy as an institution?

    Just asking. I like the American model and the idea that even those who only did a dog watch on the Gosport Ferry will empty my bed pan and read the Telegraph letters page to me in my dotage.

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