Specialise in EW/AW/UW?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by SteamboatBill, Nov 24, 2006.

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  1. Hi

    Joining as a warfare specialist (om(W) i think it used to be). I was wondering what the process is for specialising in EW/AW/UW. Are you just selected or do you have a choice? how long does it take to be able to specialise? I'm interested in going the EW route.

    Passed all the pre joining tests, just the waiting game now.

  2. dunno comrade. When I went in for golly (EW) I just asked for it. I think there was some kind of pre-qual aptitude test and then I just swanned off for training. Might be different now though.
  3. Yeah you can't seem to go straight in as a EW/AW/UW anymore. I have to gain experience as a warfare specialist first and then specialise, but i'm not sure what the process is.
  4. Hi,

    im going in as warefare specialist in 16 days time, i am under the impression that you get the choice in part2 trainging but i could be wrong. how long has it been since you done the written tests?
  5. pre joining psychometric tests? Did them a few weeks ago, just finished my PJFT. 4 months of waiting now.

    let me know how things go!
  6. If I remember, you train as W basic then you specialise in what ever your draft needs. However, Andrew does change his mind alot!

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