I'm due to start at BRNC on monday the 13th as a warfare officer and have been giving some thought as to the direction I would like to go in
with regards to specialisations and draftings.
I'm quite interested in serving aboard hydrographic survey vessels or possibly one of the vessels conducting fishery protection duties.
I have just a few questions regarding deployments mainly, what kind of deployments could I expect on either of these types of vessels? I would prefer short and frequent deployments over a longer stint overseas.
Also, what is required to specialise in hydrography? (stand fast anyone with a comment to make about beards/elbow patches and John Lennon-esque glasses). On another note, is it possible to conduct SFT aboard one of the aforementioned vessels? Thanks.
A few questions here, which I won't answer directly!

Your training is done solely on unit availability, you might express a preference for a particular type of platform, but you'll go where there are spaces. You can do SFT on any ship that has Bridge Watchkeepers, including Merchant Navy if required (but v rare).

It is possible to go first draft droggie, but again it depends on the "cake split". If the RN needs 10 OsOW on T23 and there are 10 of you on course, guess where you are going. If you don't get it straight from course, then you will probably get it after your first job. If you don't get Fish on your first job, then there are opportunities as the Navigator or First Lt, however these will typically be 3rd jobs; the XO is also a Lt's job, however it is a Command Selection and will require significant hurdles to be passed.

Specialisation as a droggie will probably limit your career in the RN, and unless you volunteer PWO, you will halt at Cdr RN at best. Selection to Command will mean passing the same exams and tests as anyone else, and it is significantly harder without a Warfare background.

What concerns me the most is the fact you are unwilling to conduct long deployments. I'll be brutal, but if you haven't done at least 2 or 3 by the time you hit senior Lt, I would have some severe reservations about your credibility as a Warfare Officer. If your intention is just to do 6 years or so, no worries, but if you want to go further.....
I was talking to a friend about this recently. With regard to the requirements to specialise in Hydrography, I was told that I would need a science based degree.

He used to work in an AFCO, although several years ago now, so not sure how reliable that info is mind.

I'm applying as Warfare Officer myself, so best of luck! Hopefully I'll be going to BRNC soon myself!
I'm not averse to long deployments, but I merely have a preference for shorter and more frequent deployments, what is the average deployment schedule for a patrol vessel?
My intention is to stay with the royal navy for 6 or so years.
You'll do 6 - 8 weeks away, 3 - 4 weeks in the UK, for the entire duration of your assignment (24 - 36 months). This time back will be a mixture of courses, leave and office work.

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