I’m thinking seriously about joining as a Marine Engineer. I’m currently an electrician but would love to retrain and I was just wondering how the Marine Engineering branch is structured? What are the specialisations within it? And how are you placed within then? Do you get to choose or do the navy place you?

Any help would be great.

Hmmm...Marine Engineering. There are two specialisations - mechanical is one, the other is electrical.

On the bottom rung of the ladder you will experience both - TBH you will do more mechanical stuff than electrical.

Now, someone with current fleet knowledge will have to come along and continue because I think things have changed slightly...it used to be that once you had completed your Leading Hand's career course, you would then be streamed one or the other. This streaming was/is dependant upon the desires of the individual, how good the individual performs in the relevant discipline BUT most importantl what the needs of the service are. For instance, whilst some might have had a fair bit of experience at dabbling with electrical stuff, if the service needed a mechanical chap at that time more desperately than the electrical chap then that is what you got streamed at the end of the career course.

HOWEVER, the whole branch has recently undergone a sort of transformation. If you are a qualified electrician then this will probably stand you in good stead for a career with an electrical bias (although initially you will still experience both specs). Given your pre existing knowledge on science and an apparent ability to use your hands, I would imagine that you would get on quite well with the various elements of the courses and it could be argued that you will be able to adapt well and will be receptive to new concepts and ideas.

Whilst a marine engineer myself, I am not up to speed with current branch structure/streaming preferences etc as my current area of expertise is submarine specific training rather than trade type. There should be some info on the RN website tho'.

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