Specialisation Training Post Recruit Training

Hello All
Quick bit of info from you knowledgeable Matelots, or failing that your best wild ass guess.

My youngest is joining the Navy next year and just trying to find info on Specialisation Training (time scales / location etc) Post Raleigh

He is going Tactical Warfare Sensors (SM). Have gleened the site for his 10 weeks training, but wondered the process post that. Understand he will stay at Raleigh, but just wondered whether specialisation was include within sub school or seperate

Thanks for any help in advance
wild ass guess but there are three phases of training, so it will not be 'included' as far as i am aware however it may still be at raleigh. theres a bloke on here who tends to clarify questions like this he will be around soon enough good luck to your son

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TS(SM)'s do all their training in the Submarine School HMS Raleigh. On succesful completion he'll go on to his general submarine course (how the boat works, ships sytems inc. HP air, hydraulics etc etc), this will be in HMS Drake (over the water in Devonport) if he goes T class or HMS Neptune (Faslane) if he goes V or A class. Cash, don't make guesses, you'll invariably **** up ;)

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