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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by oldseadog, Oct 27, 2006.

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  1. Gentlemen,

    Just for information, on Sunday 5th November, the Submariners have their own Remembrance Day Service at the Submariners Memorial in Blyth, Northumberland.

    The Submariners Service always takes place on the Sunday before the main Remembrance Day Services.

    The attending members of the Submariners Association are, due to age and infirmity, decreasing in number, and would heartily welcome anyone with any links the service who was able to attend.

    Blyth as the primary training base for submariners throughout WW1 and WW2, until closure in the 1950's.

    Although I am not one of you, I am sure that you will forgive this unscheduled entry into your mess.

    Further details can be obtained from the Mayor of Blyth's Secretary, tel: 01670 542103

    Hope to see some of you there.

    ps If there are any updates on this information, I will modify the post rather than re-post.

    UPDATE Monday 30/10/06

    Muster at the Submariners Memorial, which is located at the west end of the Market Square at 1030.
  2. Gentlemen,

    Many thanks to those of you who managed to make it to Blyth for this years Submariners' Remembrance Day Service. Along with the civic dignitaries, there were some Sand Dancers, members of the North-East Submariners Associations, a contingent from Barrow, a few that I had not seen in previous years and may have come through reading this post (one of whom did just that), the Marine Support & Training Servce, the Blue Light Services, the MVS, and members of the general public.

    I trust that you will put the word out to all your shippers, both past, present, retired or retained, that this service is held every year on the First Sunday of November.

    Please put the day in your diaries, you will be made very welcome.

    Thanks again for allowing me into your mess to make this announcement.

  3. I would loved to have been there, but for obvious reasons i couldn't. I shall be wearing my Poppy this week in work, though i know it will not go down well as 95% of my work mates, and my manager is from the Falls/ardone area of belfast, and very anti britsh anything, even rememberance day, much to their shame. however thinking what those men went through, i could easily put up with some stick and dirty looks. its about there memory and what they did, not what people think of me.
  4. Hi OSD I think it was a couple of our guys that organised that memorial at Blyth.

    We at Dundee are trying to get a memorial to the 9th S/m Flotilla which included the free navy Submarines --Norwegian,French,Dutch and Polish and of course the Brits.
    The Base was called HMS Ambrose.
    The Dundee base ship is still here--- Frigate Unicorn . Service held onboard her pm after the main Armistice day service.
  5. Good effort RNMA. Don't do anything daft though.

  6. They seem to forget that many of their Catholic brethren in the rest of the UK, as well as in the Republic itself, came over to Britain and gave their lives in the fight again Hitler! Anyway keep up the good work RNMA.
  7. RNMA,

    Thank you. You were with us in spirit - That will suffice. As for the people you work with, you are wearing the Poppy for them!

    If I may, I would like to quote from an Armistice Day speech by the German Ambassador a couple of years ago:

    "We remember all those who were persecuted and killed because they belonged to a certain people, race or religion or because they were considered "unfit to live".

    We remember all those who stood up against injustice and tyranny and who died or suffered for human dignity, the freedom of the spirit and a free conscience.

    We remember the victims of terrorism.

    And we remember the victims of the wars and civil wars of our time. In many places throughout the world, people today are still dying through war, hatred and violence."

    The Poppy is worn by the peoples of many nations who care, not for some past glory, but to pay homage to those men, women and children who have died as a result of wars or terrorism.

    Those of us who have shaken hands with death, know that there is no glory - we did what we were trained to do, and by a combination of luck, skill and attitude, we survived! We wear the Poppy to honour those who didn't, and as a bond between us that are left.


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