Special Forces to be given total anonymity

I think you'll find that a rather large pay rise would do far more to boost morale :)

They are leaving in droves to earn much more as "Private Security Consultants" where, as well as being actually paid what they are worth, they are given the recognition they deserve by their employers.
I share your opinion Lamri, but our lords and masters seem to genuinely believe the best way to motivate lower paid staff is to reduce their real income annually by paying below inflation pay awards whilst awarding themselves above inflation remuneration.... or am I just being cynical?
No mate, just telling the truth!
It always amazes me just how little they understand. Do they honestly believe that we don't know the contempt they hold us in?
Does anyone really believe this will happen ?

Anonymity should be for all service personnel acting on a government's orders - it is the ministers that should be held to account for any problems or repurcussions caused by ill advised actions (GW2 ?) - but we all know it won't happen because they will sacrifice everyone else rather than take responsibility - as a recently retired Lt Col can testify.

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