Special Flying Award - Yeovilton

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Powder, Feb 16, 2010.

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  1. Anyone else going on the Special Flying Award (SFA) ?
    I've just got a letter back saying I got a place, and am going to put down Yeovilton April 1-10th as my first choice. Will be going to Culdrose later that month for an Acquaint course, so it will be nice to see them both.

    Would be interesting to hear any stories from people that have been on them before too! :D
  2. Am very, very pleased to hear about this, Powder ....
  3. 8) Look no further :wink: :wink: All the old and bold WAFUs, had shed loads of them!!!!! Always came in threes :lol: "Night Flying for tonight is cancelled " followed by "An Early Chop" followed by " A Run Ashore " :lol: :lol: :lol:
  4. when were you nominated for this? I was nominated by my ACLO as Yeovilton requested nominations for people a few weeks ago but yet to hear anything so not sure how long it takes? Im hoping to get something in before AIB in May!
  5. Everyone who went on my SFA wanted to be a pilot - at the end, many were reconsidering. Some of the chaps didn't like the pressure or realised that flying wasn't perhaps as easy as they thought it would be. In any case, I couldn't recommend the SFA enough. It's a good indicator of your potential to pass grading, very insightful and really very enjoyable.
  6. I literally got a confirmation letter through yesterday with a list of courses that I could put my name down for, preference anyway.
    Looks awesome, really looking forward to it. My April is great at the moment. SFA, then come back for a few days, Duke of Edinburgh Gold Practice in the Lake District, then one week later RN Officer Acquaint course at Culdrose. Roll on April!

    Yeah, I look forward to it. I do have quite a bit of previous flying experience, However, I am going to go there with a clean slate, open mind, and try and absorb as much as I can. Will be my first experience in a glider too :D
  7. I applied to this, rejected.

    Apparantly wanting to help other people and have an adventurous, non office based career wasn't a viable reason to join the FAA.
  8. Can you explain that comment, I cannot think of a potential fail point during the application process where this question would have come up and been significant enough for you to fail. Unless you are only talking about this course and not the FAA in general as your post suggests.
  9. Thats odd? Did they say it was because of that?
    I applied originally, and heard nothing back, not even a confirmation email. So reapplied a couple of months later and got a confirmation email straight away.

    Shame that I put so much less effort into writting it out though. Oh well, still got it.

    Maybe you wrote something that sounded the wrong way or something? :S
  10. Hey Powder, I got the acceptance/'choose a date' letter last week and put Yeovilton 1st April as my first choice, so if all goes to plan I should see you there!
  11. Hey Rubix, I got a call from Lynda Purse and she said that she got the dates mixed up and its actually the 10th to the 17th or something, which completely clashed with my Duke of Edinburgh Gold expedition in the Lake District!! She apologized and said that Yeovilton in the summer was completely booked out too.

    So now I am doing I think the 1st to the 10th at Lee on Solent, as I would be going to Culdrose for my RNAC a few weeks later anyway.

    Are you still heading to Yeovilton? Or have you got the phone call yet? I was a bit bummed out by it to be honest as I was really looking forward to seeing that RNAS. Oh well, cant complain, free gliding scholarship! haha GOODIE! :D
  12. Annoyingly, I was abroad during my half term (when the letter was delivered) and only got back on Tuesday, so I sent off the letter on Wed and haven't heard anything yet. Shame that the Yeovilton is fully booked, but I did put the April Lee-on-Solent as my second choice too, so fingers crossed. Can't wait!
  13. Got the call through today, and was told I got a place on the RNAS Yeovilton (9-17th April) course, so happy days!
  14. I think that merely by reading your post history, the real reason you were rejected is obvious.
  15. Yeah, I couldn't remember the exact dates, but I rememberd it was slap bang in the middle of my Duke of Edinburgh. You should cancel it and come to Lee with me and we can be flying buddies for a while haha!
    Where abouts are you originally from Rubix?
  16. Mod Edit: You know why... :roll:
  17. Oh bummer, I wanted to see what he wrote haha
  18. Say hi to Jack for me. You'll know who I mean when you get there. :twisted: :lol:
  19. Haha ohhhh Goddddddddddd....
    Is "Jack" at Lee?

    Last time someone told me to say "hi" to them was on the biology field trip. I had to say "hi" to "aMANda". Turns out the host of the hotel was a female bodybuilding champion or something with more facial hair than myself!! 8O :lol:
  20. Jack is one of the instructors on 727 at Yeoves. Back in the day he took me through grading. A somewhat legendary FAA figure.

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